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This is a product review of Athlete’s Foot Clear fungus treatment product.  This could quite possibly be the best option for athlete’s foot treatment we have researched and reviewed.  While most comparable products only include a few ingredients, this one utilizes 16 scientifically certified ingredients to stomp out your foot fungus fast.  It works deeply to eliminate itch and burning.  It is also gentle enough to stimulate surface recovery and renewal on your skin.



Use the provided brush applicator to apply this product three or four times a day on the affected area.  Its natural ingredients listed on the label ensure it is an effective, yet gentle solution to your skin.

Possible Side Effects

There are no listed adverse effects with use of this product.  However, the label advises this product is for external use only.  Do not ingest internally and avoid contact with eyes.  If either of these would happen, seek emergency medical advice immediately.  As with any skin product, if rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek advice from your physician.


Athlete’s Foot Clear is listed for $69.95 for a 15ml bottle.   However, the Athlete’s Foot Clear site is currently offering a sale price of $49.95 for one bottle.  The company offers discounts when ordering multiple bottles.  Your opportunity for the highest savings is ordering six bottles at once.  You order three bottles, get three free, making your final cost only $23.30.  When you take into consideration the quality of their listed ingredients, you can clearly see their prices are incredible.  Athlete’s foot is a treatment process that requires time and patience.  Keep that in mind when ordering, and you may want to take advantage of their multiple bottle discounts.


The company proudly offers a no risk, 60-day money back guarantee, which clearly shows their certainty this product will work for you.  If at any time within 60 days of shipping date, you are unsatisfied, you may return any used, unused or empty bottles for a full refund minus shipping fees. Simply contact their customer service department with the number they provide you with and they will guide you through their easy return procedure.  The product website had a large number of reviews from fully satisfied customers, which again, to us just reinforces the quality and effectiveness of this product.

Conclusion – Athlete’s Foot Clear Review

Undeniably, Athlete’s Foot Clear could perhaps be the best athlete’s foot treatment we have researched and reviewed.  The all-natural ingredients in this product make it stand out when compared to other products on the market.  Paired alongside an amazing money back guarantee and their positive customer reviews, it will not be hard to decide if Athlete’s Foot Clear is the right choice for you.

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