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Thyrenol thyroid supplement review
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The high quality and great value of Thyrenol makes it one of the best thyroid supplements we have reviewed. For starters, it is 100% natural and made up of a combination of thyroid supporting vitamins, minerals and herbs. The product was designed to provide optimize thyroid functioning, support adrenal glands, increase metabolism, and manage hypothyroidism. Because of the nutritional density of this product, mental health is improved, depression is reduced, hair and skin are supported, and overall immune systems health is improved, making it a winner.


The purity of the ingredients in this product sets it apart from its competitors as it is free of preservatives, additives, fillers and binders. Each capsule contains:

  • IODINE & KELP- this improves thyroid functioning and balances the body’s metabolism.
  • SELENIUM– an antioxidant that limits damage to thyroid tissue.
  • MAGNESIUM- this balances metabolism and regulates body temperature.
  • VITAMIN B12- this increases cell metabolism and production of red blood cells.
  • ZINC & COPPER- aids the conversion of T4 to T3 hormone and promotes absorption.
  • MANGANESE– this is an antioxidant enzyme that protects and defends the thyroid.
  • MOLYBDENUM- this mineral helps to maintain PH balance.
  • L-TYROSINE– this amino acid manufactures thyroid hormones.
  • SCHIZANDRA- an herb that acts as an anti-viral and anti-histamine which protects the liver and adrenal gland.
  • ASHWAGANDHA ROOT–  this boost stress tolerance levels and enhances production of thyroid hormones.
  • BLADDERWRACK– this enhances functioning of thyroid gland.
  • HERBAL BLEND- balances, nourishes and supports the thyroid gland.


Adults are directed to take two capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening for optimal results.


Each bottle of Thyrenol contains sixty (60) capsules and is currently priced at $49.95. Discounted packages are provided by the manufacturer for persons with severe conditions. Their “Best Value Package (buy three, get three free) priced at $139.80 is recommended for persons wanting maximum results. Other packages include the “Intermediate package” (buy two, get two free) priced at $111.80 and the “Starter Package” (buy two bottles) is priced at $69.90.


Thyrenol comes with a 100% money back guarantee plan for customers’ protection. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, bottles can be returned, used and unused, at any time within a 60 day period of purchase for a full refund.

If that is not enough to convince you of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, you can check out what your peers say in a wide range of customer reviews. These individuals are from different background with different lifestyles and most (if not all) have testified to the positive results they have experienced.

Conclusion – Thyrenol Review

Thyrenol is a great product and will give you the results you are seeking. The fact that the product is formulated with some of the best ingredients for optimal thyroid functioning speaks to its superior quality. We love that the product is 100% natural and is not just ‘thyroid specific’, but great for providing much needed vitamins and minerals for a healthy mind and body. Emphasis is also placed on the fact that the product is manufactured in a professional facility with robust research mechanisms for continuous testing and quality control. The facility is also cGMP certified and FDA approved.

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