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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is derived from Safflowers, is proven as a weight loss and fat burning supplement. Studies to this effect have been published in such authoritative journals such as the Journal for Nutritional Biochemistry, American Society for Nutritional Sciences and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

But as is the case with all weight loss supplements, not all CLA formulations are the same. Many do not contain the right strength or purity of the active ingredient.

This is our review of CLA-MD which, as our investigation into CLA-MD has found, is different. Developed by top medical doctors, it has been scientifically formulated to do what CLA is supposed to do: burn stored fat and reduce the body’s ability to create more; and at the same time help to control appetite and speed up metabolism.

One of the reasons CLA-MD works so well is that it contains the strongest and most potent levels of CLA available – 85%. That’s even higher than the potency of CLA that proved effective in clinical trials – and significantly higher than the CLA found in many other CLA products.

We also really like the fact that CLA-MD comes in a liquid softgel capsule to enable the fastest possible absorption.


CLA-MD contains pure 100% CLA derived from Safflower oil standardized to 85%, which is the highest potency available.  There are no added fillers, binders, preservatives or additives.


Take two 1000mg softgel capsules a day, either one in the morning and one in the evening, or both together.


There is a limited offer on online purchases which could net you some amazing savings.

The largest savings are to be had on the buy-three-get-three-free offer.  The list price for six bottles of CLA-MD is $359.70, but by making use of this offer you would pay only $139.80 – or just $23.30 per bottle – and save 61% or $219.90.

Then there’s the buy-two-get-two-free offer which will save you 53% off the list price. You pay $111.80 or $27.95 per bottle.

Alternatively, you could purchase a starter pack of two bottles and pay $34.95 per bottle – saving 42% ($50) off the list price.

However, there is even a limited period discount of $10 to be had on the purchase of even a single bottle – so you’ll pay just $49.95.


CLA-MD is guaranteed to help you lose weight, burn fat and build lean body mass. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can make use of the no-questions-asked guarantee and return all the bottles you ordered (both used and unused) within 60 days, for a full refund (excluding shipping).

Conclusion of Our CLA-MD Review

CLA-MD is not only the most potent CLA formulation currently available, there is also nothing quite like it in terms of quality and purity. It contains 100% pure CLA derived from Safflower oil, standardized to 85%, with no additives, preservatives or other artificial ingredients. In addition, it is manufactured in the United States in an FDA registered and cGMP certified laboratory so you can be confident that it has not been compromised during the production process.

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