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In this review, you can learn more about a product called Fungavir. Of all the anti-fungal agents we’ve reviewed, Fungavir is the most effective. Fungavir is more than just your average anti-fungal solution, as it utilizes a unique proprietary blend of the most effective natural anti-fungal agents out there to ensure the quickest results. Fungavir is a product that contains no unnecessary filling ingredients, and alongside eliminating the fungal infection, it also heals the surrounding skin and promotes skin regeneration. If you want to find out more about Fungavir, keep reading our review.


An aspect of Fungavir that isn’t all too common is its ability to get rid of all three types of fungal infections to which humans are susceptible, which are molds, dermatophytes, and yeasts. The ingredients have been extensively researched by select medical professionals to ensure the product’s effectiveness. The main active ingredient in Fungavir is undecylenic acid, which, if paired up with the right complement of ingredients, is indeed the most powerful and effective anti-fungal agent known to modern medical science.


The recommended application instructions for Fungarvir are to apply the product every morning and evening. Make sure that at least half an hour passes between the time of application, and the time when you either go to bed or put on socks. At the end of the week it is suggested to use a nail file to remove some of the residue of the previously applied product in order to allow the newly applied coats to be most effective. The time it takes for the fungus to be completely healed varies, but it will certainly take several months. Toe nails grow significantly slower than fingernails. Eventually the ruined nails will grow off, and new healthy nails will replace them.

Possible Side Effects

Since Fungavir is an all natural topical product, it carries no risk of side effects. By using Fungavir you can get rid of any kind of fungal infection without there being any risk involved what so ever.


If you purchase a single bottle of Fungavir, which is enough for about a month when used on 5-6 nails simultaneously, it will cost $49.95. Buying a bundle of two will decrease the individual price to $34.95, meaning the final cost will be $69.90. There are more, larger bundles, and all decrease the individual price even further, and some add cutical cream and nail protein to the order as well.


All Fungavir products are covered by a complete two month guarantee to prove that the manufacturer is absolutely confident in their ware. The additional positive customer reviews only serve to put doubts at ease even further.

Conclusion of Fungavir Review

Fungavir is currently the top dog in the anti-fungal field. The extremely effective, side effect free formula helps eliminate nail fungus in record time. Add to this the extremely beneficial pricing scheme, the solid guarantee and the positive customer reviews, and you have the prime product.

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