Fungix Review

Fungix Review
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The following is our review of the nail fungus treatment, Fungix. Fungix is an all natural remedy used to fight back against nail fungus and to prevent you from future infections. Fungix offers a product that is free of any additive chemicals that normal pharmaceutical companies add to their medicines. Each ingredient has been confirmed and verified, adhering to cGMP standards and regulations in the USA.

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Fungix offers high doses of their all natural ingredient formula, to apply three to four times each day. Proper use instructs you to use the application brush that comes with your bottle to evenly apply the Fungix solution onto the nail. They also suggest for best results you should use a nail file or emery board to file your infected nails surface. This will roughen the nail, opening the top thin layer on your nails surface, to allow Fungix to be fully absorbed.

Possible Side Effects

Fungix is for exterior use only and should never be swallowed or come into contact with your eyes. If swallowed, you must begin to drink plenty of water and to see a professional medical examiner as soon as you can. If your eyes come into contact with the solution, then you must flush your contact eye with water, and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Possible rashes or other skin irritations may occur, if at any time you see either of these symptoms, stop taking Fungix and consult your primary physician.


Fungix is available for you at four different discount prices and supplies. For one bottle the listed price is $49.95 with a discount of $10 in savings. If you want to increase your supply to two bottles you can purchase those at $34.95 each at a discount of $50.00 total in savings. Fungix also comes in larger orders such as purchasing two bottles, and receiving an additional two for free, listed at $27.95 with a discount of $128 in savings. The last option that they offer appears to be their best valued at $23.30 for each bottle of a 6 month supply. That gives you three bottles of supply, with an additional three bottles for free, and a total amount of $219.90 discounted. Fungix offers its customer a variety of packages to fit their needs, with generous discounts offered that range from $10.00 to $219.90 in savings.


Fungix offers its customers 100% satisfaction with their product, or you will receive a money back guarantee within 60 days of your original purchase. This excludes shipping fees that would apply to the products that you return to them. It is easy to see why so many customer reviews are so positive, offering a guarantee such as this shows Fungix is a high quality medication, that actually works to rid your fungal infection symptoms.

Conclusion of Fungix Review

In conclusion, we found Fungix to be a manufactured natural medicine that is built on trust and customer satisfaction. Fungix uses all natural ingredients that are physician approved, and appear to be effective in eliminating your toe nail fungus, while preventing it from potentially returning. Fungix offers you a generous risk free trial, so that you can attempt to see if the products work for you, and if they do not, you can return them, and they will refund your entire order. Fungix is at the top of its class, working with a trustworthy formula that doesn’t allow any unknown additives, unlike other traditional medications on the market.


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