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Ringwex review
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This is a review of Ringwex, a proven treatment for one of the most common fungal skin infections among people of all ages, ringworm (dermatophytosis). A red, itchy, circular rash. Ringworm can be caused by any one of about 40 different fungal agents. It’s, therefore, important to use a product that is effective against all of these infections.

Ringwex is scientifically formulated to treat ringworm in two different ways: by relieving the uncomfortable, often painful symptoms such as itching, swelling, inflammation and flaking, while quickly getting rid of the infection itself. Then it goes further, helping to improve skin health and speed up the healing process.

The efficacy of the ingredients used in Ringwex have been acknowledged in authoritative publications.


  • Undecylenic Acid – a powerful anti-fungal agent.
  • Tea Tree Oil – a strong antiseptic with soothing properties.
  • Aloe Vera – soothes skin irritation and assists in healing wounds.
  • Walnut Oil – helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Bee Propolis – an antibacterial that helps to reduce swelling and promote skin healing.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – helps to maintain skin moisture levels and restore healthy skin tone.
  • Menthol – a cooling pain reliever which also helps to reduce swelling.
  • Camphor Oil – a natural agent that relieves itching.
  • Clove Bud Oil – a very effective natural pain killer which works by numbing the affected area. It is also an antiseptic.
  • Lavender Oil – has antibiotic properties.
  • Manuka Oil – an anti-fungal agent that also promotes cell healing.
  • Essential Oil Blend – assists anti-fungal compounds to penetrate the skin.


It is advised to use the applicator brush to apply Ringwex to the affected area two to four times a day.

Possible Side Effects

Ringwex has no listed side effects. However, some people may develop an irritation or rash. In the unlikely event of this happening, stop using the product and contact your doctor.


If you purchase Ringwex online, you will be in line for a selection of special offers.

The largest savings are to be had on the six-bottle offer. The list price for six bottles of Ringwex is $359.70, but by making use of this offer you will pay only $139.80, which works out to just $23.30 per bottle. This is a saving of 61%!

Then there’s the three-bottle offer which will save you 53% off the list price. With this package, you will pay $111.80, which works out to only $27.95 per bottle.

Alternatively, you can purchase a starter pack of two bottles and pay $34.95 per bottle – saving 42% ($50) off the list price.

However, even if you only want to buy one bottle, there is currently a $10 discount on this, so you’ll pay just $49.95.


Ringwex comes with a no-questions-asked, 60-day refund guarantee. Simply return all the used and unused bottles within 60 days, and you will receive a full refund (excluding shipping charges).

Conclusion of Our Ringwex Review

Ringwex was developed by medical doctors and researchers who selected the ingredients based on clinical data that proves their effectiveness. It is also produced under stringent conditions in an FDA-registered, cGMP-certified laboratory.

The product is 100% natural and is formulated not only to fight the infection, but to soothe and promote healing. There is no doubt in our minds that it is one of the most effective, total solutions for the treatment of ringworm currently available on the market.

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