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This is a review of Colonax. For those who have digestive issues that result in irregular bowel movements, or for those who simply want to ensure that they are getting rid of the toxins in their bodies, Colonax was developed for these people. The product is meant to be a safe and effective way to help support the health of the colon. For those who are interested, keep reading for the full review and analysis of the product.


Colonax prides itself on being made with natural ingredients, which helps the product to be even more safe for the user. The ingredients that make up Colonax are:

The other inactive ingredients that are used in this product include:


Colonax has two different ways of taking their product.  And most users are going to find that they will utilize both methods. The first method is for those who have never used Colonax before, or simply are using this product when they have problems in that area. They recommend that you take two capsules, three times per day. Usually these are to be taken with meals, thus take two at breakfast, two at lunch and two at dinner for the best results. For those who have already taken this medication for some time, but continue to do so in order to maintain their digestive health, this dosage needs to be reduced to two capsules per day. The person will want to take one in the morning and one in the afternoon for the best effects.

Possible Side Effects

Colonax is all natural, thus there have been no reported side effects from those who have tried this or from clinical studies that have been done on the product. The company does recommend that this product not be taken by pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, those who are under the age of eighteen, and for those who have pre-existing medical conditions. These people will want to check with a doctor before taking this.


Colonax is offered in four different packages to fit your needs and your budget. The Single Bottle Package includes one bottle of Colonax for the price of $49.95. The Start Packages includes two bottles that are priced at $34.95 each, for a package total of $69.90.

The Intermediate Packages is a four bottle supply, in which you purchase two bottles and get two bottles for free. The total for the package is $111.80, making each bottle around $27.95. The Best Value Package, the most popular package, is a total of $139.80. With this package you purchase 3 bottles and have 3 bottles sent to you for free. This price breakdown has each bottle costing around $23.30.


The Colonax product comes with a decent guarantee of 60 days. During these first 60 days if you are not satisfied with the results or simply do not like the product, you can return the product for a full refund minus the shipping price for the product. There will be no questions asked, as long as you do this during the first 60 days of having the product. After this time frame, the company is not required to issue a refund. This 60-day money back guarantee is good on the product that you have already taken as well.

Conclusion – Colonax Review

Colonax could be the one way to get your digestive health back in shape. With all the fast food, improper diets and exercise routines that most people do not stick to, there is no wonder why digestive issues are rampant in the world. With this being said, Colonax has some great benefits:

  • A 60-day money back guarantee so you are not taking any risk in using this product
  • All natural ingredients known for their benefits for the digestive system
  • The product is made in the USA

If you do struggle with digestive issues, this could be the product that helps you reach a balance that you can live with.

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