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Jetrid Review for jet lag relief
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We took an inside look at the jet lag relief natural supplement Jetrid, and through our findings have come to a conclusive review. Jetrid is a 100% all natural supplement used to relieve the symptoms of jet lag such as physical and mental stress, anxiety, and unbalanced circadian rhythms. With its own advanced formula, Jetrid works to reduce those symptoms while at the same time improving your overall energy and concentration. As well as, boost the nutrients you need in your system to recharge your body after a long flight home.

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The following ingredients are measure in per serving, which is one capsule of Jetrid

Other minor ingredients include Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide


This is issued as a dietary supplement to be taken as needed for jet-lag symptoms. When using this supplement it is said to take two capsules about thirty minutes before your flight, and than at approximately four hours later, take an additional two capsules. You will want to take one capsule daily until the symptoms of jet-lag have completely worn off, and you feel completely rejuvenated.

Possible Side Effects

Jetrid contains nothing but 100% all natural ingredients, and therefore has no recorded side effects from taking it. However, they do warn those who are currently pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or have a known health condition to first consult with their primary care doctor before using Jetrid. Keep this medication away from kids.


Jetrid offers you four different package options when you order their medication online. When you start your first doses of, Jetrid you can begin with their single bottle package at a listed price of $49.95. When you want to continue taking Jetrid then your next step is to order the “starter package”, which includes two bottles of Jetrid ($34.95 each) at a total of $69.90. Another great deal Jetrid offers you if their “intermediate package”, that includes purchasing two bottles ($27.95 each), of Jetrid to receive an additional two bottles for free. Lastly Jetrid offers you their “best valued package” at a generous price of $139.80, by purchasing three bottles, and receiving an additional three bottles for free.


No questions asked. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the results you are receiving. Then you may return all sealed, and used bottles to them within 60 days of your purchase, and you will be completely refunded your money. We noticed that along with this risk free guarantee they have received a large number of positive customer reviews, giving us the impression that this policy is not used frequently.

Conclusion of Jetrid Review

Jetrid stands by their product as the golden standard for relieving those awful jet lag symptoms that can weigh anyone down during times of travel. Jetrid lists all ingredients, and you will find nothing but, purely 100% all natural nutrients that are double acting. Jetrid can help you relieve jet lag symptoms while at the same time, assisting your body in fighting against future diseases and overall health. With clinical studies that have been recorded and reported, Jetrid offers a trustworthy, and what seems like a very effective medication.

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