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We have compiled a detailed review of Odorol Natural Body Breath Support, one of the most impressive products in the market for dealing with bad breath and body odor. Body odor and bad breath are embarrassing conditions that affect many people who are afraid to seek help. Also, many products do not provide a complete remedy for the conditions since they address only the odor but do not tackle the root causes. Odorol fights the bacteria that cause these problems using an extensively researched formula of ingredients to give you great results. Odorol has passed all the tests since it is manufactured in a standard facility that is FDA approved and cGMP certified, and also conforms to the guidelines of US Pharmacopeia. Read more below about the amazing Odorol.


Odorol is made from 100% pure and natural ingredients carefully sourced by seasoned experts to form a product that is of utmost effectiveness and safety. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives, binders, or fillers.

The active ingredients in Odorol include:


The recommended dosage for Odorol is 2 capsules daily to be taken preferably 1 in the morning and the other in the evening before bed. In severe levels of the condition, users may take up to 3 capsules a day, but should not exceed that.

Possible Side Effects

Since this product is made using high grade all natural ingredients, it is very safe and does not have any known side effects. However, it is important for pregnant women, nursing mothers, persons with previous health complications, and those taking other medications to consult their physicians before taking any supplements including Odorol.


A single bottle of Odorol costs $49.95. You have the opportunity to enjoy great discounts depending on the number of bottles that you purchase. For example, the starter package includes 2 bottles at a cost of $69.90 or $34.95 per bottle. More discounted plans include the intermediate package that offers 4 bottles at a cost of $111.80 ($27.95 per bottle) and the best value package that offers 6 bottles at $139.80 ($23.30 per bottle).


There is a 60-day full money back guarantee for all purchases of Odorol. Users that are not satisfied with the product can ship it back to the manufacturer for a complete refund of their money excluding shipping fees. But with the number of excellent customer reviews we have seen on this product, we are confident that it will fulfill its promise.

Conclusion of Odorol Natural Body Breath Support Review

Odorol stands out among other odor treatment supplements as a superior product that is formulated using the best ingredients available and satisfying the highest safety standards. We have seen the customer reviews and can confidently recommend this product to people suffering from bad breath and body odor. It is administered in an effective dosage supported by extensive clinical studies and enjoys excellent reviews from those who have tried it. Also, you get a 60-day full money back guarantee to cover you in case you are not pleased with the results.

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