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Nature's Way Silent Night Sleep Formula Review

Nature’s Way Silent Night Sleep Formula Review

Fatigue, lack of focus and irritability are the telltale signs of a person who does not get enough restful sleep each night. Sleep is a vital part of good physical and mental health, and many people lack this fundamental aspect of their health because they suffer from insomnia – a sleep disorder characterized by a [Read more…]

January 2, 2019
Insomnia MD Premium for Insomnia

Premium Certified InsomniaMD Review

This is a review of InsomniaMD in which we have analyzed all the contributing factors that make this product an effective remedy for symptoms of insomnia. Premium Certified, the manufacturer of this product, claims that it will improve the quality of users’ sleep and alleviate the stress that is conducive to insomnia. The formula is [Read more…]

December 26, 2018
Nutrition Breakthroughs Sleep Minerals II for Insomnia

Nutrition Breakthroughs Sleep Minerals II Review

The theme of our product review today is a product called Sleep Minerals II by Nutrition Breakthroughs. The manufacturer claims that this product is the most effective all-natural insomnia remedy, that it will help you relax, improve your quality of sleep, and prevent restless leg syndrome. Ingredients Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D3 Zinc Calcium supports the [Read more…]

November 30, 2018
Steel Rested AF Review

Steel Rested AF Review

Ever experience long busy days that leave you feeling tired and ready for bed, but come bedtime, your mind refuses to switch off? Most people value their sleep but rarely experience a deep, good quality night of rest.  Rested AF from Steel, may help you achieve just that. They claim to increase the rate at [Read more…]

November 12, 2018
Pure Encapsulations Best-Rest Formula Review

Pure Encapsulations Best-Rest Formula Review

The following review is for a product called Best-Rest Formula. The product assists individuals to have vigorous sleep cycles by providing a simple transition to sleep and ensuring tranquil sleep. The product contains deodorized valerian root extract, which assists in sporadic sleepless nights. It is made up of valerian, passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm and hops, [Read more…]

November 1, 2018
Natrogix Natural Ultrapure Melatonin Review

Natrogix Natural Ultrapure Melatonin Review

Melatonin is a hormone in the body that helps regulate your sleep. It is often synthesized as a supplement to help people who have trouble sleeping. Natrogix has developed such a product, called Natural Ultrapure Melatonin and this review provides you with all the information you need to know about it. Natural Ultrapure Melatonin claims [Read more…]

October 13, 2018
Irwin Naturals Power to Sleep PM Review

Irwin Naturals Power To Sleep PM Review

Read our review below about Power to Sleep PM. Power to Sleep PM was developed to ensure restful and sustained sleep, which are key to a healthy life. The product contains a special formula that assists with relaxation before bed, provides tranquil sleep and ensures you are rejuvenated in the morning. The product consists of [Read more…]

October 2, 2018
Vitabase Valerian Root supplement for Insomnia

Vitabase Valerian Root Review

Vitabase Valerian Root is the focus of our product review in this article. Vitabase claims to have formulated an ingredient that can reduce the amount of time needed to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep. The supplement is formulated to treat insomnia, stress-related anxiety, and nervous restlessness based on the benefits provided by [Read more…]

September 29, 2018
Elixir Pure Sleep Elixir Review

Elixir Pure Sleep Elixir Review

Many people use prescribed medication to help them sleep, but the true effectiveness and side effects of that route are still questionable. Some concerns are dependency and an increased risk of developing diseases. What then should someone do who truly struggles to sleep or needs to be refreshed and ready for work after many hours [Read more…]

September 14, 2018
InsoRelief Review

InsoRelief Review

This is our comprehensive review for InsoRelief, a top notch supplement for solving insomnia problems. It is a safe product made from all-natural ingredients to ensure the highest level of effectiveness. InsoRelief is manufactured in the USA in a facility that is FDA registered, cGMP certified, and in the guidelines and standards set by the [Read more…]

June 16, 2018
Best Health Nutritionals Sleep Dissolves for Insomnia

Best Health Nutritionals Sleep Dissolves Review

Today we review Best Health Nutritionals Sleep Dissolves. By helping to reset your internal clock, this supplement will help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. The increase in melatonin will have you waking up every morning feeling refreshed! Ingredients Melatonin 5-HTP L-Theanine Proprietary Blend With ingredients like chamomile and lemon balm in the [Read more…]

June 6, 2018
Vitacost Passion Flower review

Vitacost Passion Flower Review

Today we review Vitacost Passion Flower. Passion flower has been shown to offer calming feelings to help you fall asleep. By also offering antioxidants, fatty acids, and alkaloids, the passion flower in this supplement will help you get the relaxation you need. Ingredients Each serving of this supplement, or every two capsules, contains 700 mg [Read more…]

May 7, 2018
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