Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Review

Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Supplement for Insomnia
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Today we are reviewing a product called Lemon Balm. The manufacturer of the product is Planetary Herbals, and we decided to examine it to determine if it can deliver the results that the manufacturer claims. The product was made to relieve stress and occasional anxiety. The product should promote a calm mind and mental well-being.


The main ingredient manufacturer used in the product is Lemon Balm Leaf Extract. The ingredient is a natural flower and a powerful herbal that helps you to get good rest so you can enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The inactive ingredients in the product are Gelatin and Stearic Acid.


If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, you should speak to a health professional before you use the product. The instructions manufacturer issued is that you consume 2 capsules daily. That is the only information the manufacturer stated. The manufacturer did not mention if we should combine food into the doses or the time of day that consumers should take the 2 capsules.

Possible Side Effects

If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product. Some users reported feeling nauseous  after using the product.


You can purchase the product from Amazon where a 120 capsule bottle costs $15. You have to pay for the delivery of the product since that cost is not part of the purchase price. The manufacturer does not offer discounts.


The manufacturer attached a money-back guarantee to the product. You can send the product back to the manufacturer if you feel you did not get the best results from the product. The problem with the guarantee is that the manufacturer did not stipulate the guarantee period.

Conclusion of Our Lemon Balm Review

We liked that the maker of this product offers a guarantee. It contains useful ingredients that can be beneficial to inducing sleep. The product should promote a calm mind and mental well-being. Lees positive comments included the fact that the manufacturer provided incomplete dosage information. From the limited information, we do not know if we should combine food into the doses or time of day that we should consume the product. You are taking a risk if you consume the product. The product has a money-back guarantee, but the manufacturer did not mention the guarantee period. You are responsible for the shipping cost since the manufacturer did not include it in the purchase price. Gelatin is an ingredient making the capsules unsuitable for vegetarians. The manufacturer did not provide any discounts or incentives. We found several customers who complained about the product’s efficacy. They felt that the product did nothing to improve their condition and were disappointed to have wasted their time and money. We cannot recommend this product as a treatment for insomnia.

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