Lifetime Premium Prostate Support Review

Lifetime Premium Prostate Support Review
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Lifetime Premium Prostate Support is a nutritional product directed towards men in order to boost their prostate health. According to the manufacturer, this supplement is very effective in safeguarding prostate health. While emphasizing the organic benefits of the ingredients and functional relation between the ingredients and with the body, the manufacturer gives references to numerous studies related to the effectiveness of the ingredients.

In order to assess whether Lifetime Premium Prostate Support is as much beneficial as claimed by the manufacturer or not we conducted our own investigation. Interestingly, we found that the ingredients used in this product are not supported by clinical studies and scientific studies.


The main ingredients used in Lifetime Premium Prostate Support are:

Beta-Sitosterol is one of the main ingredients used in using Lifetime Premium Prostate Support as well as many other similar prostate health supplements.

Beta-Sitosterol can be helpful in controlling cholesterol and may even reduce inflammation in the prostrate gland.

However, Beta-Sitostero may also have negative effects on your body such as nausea and gastro intestinal disorders. Furthermore, this Beta-Sitosterol alone may not be enough to ensure prostate health.

Even though it is believed that Green Tea ensures prostate health and chiefly used in the nutritional product aimed for men who wants to boost prostate health, there are no trustworthy scientific studies to establish this claim.

Pomegranate is one of the three main ingredients used in Lifetime Premium Prostate Support. However, the whole or extracts of this fruit has nothing to do with prostate gland and urinary bladder.


In case you are using Lifetime Premium Prostate Support, it is recommended that you take 3 capsules three times a day with your meal, or as advised by your healthcare provider.


The cost price for 90 capsules of Lifetime Premium Prostate Support is $25.29. The manufacturer/seller offers 40 percent discount, thus, you can get the product for $15.29.


The tagline of Lifetime Premium Prostate Support is “have your back.” However, the manufacturer as well as the seller does not provide an actual guarantee for the usefulness of the product. The product is not backed by any clinical studies or scientific studies. The ingredients used in Lifetime Premium Prostate Support are natural product or taken from the nature. However, the effectiveness of the product can be doubted because there are no trustworthy studies and researches to establish the usefulness of these ingredients to the prostate gland or urinary bladder.

Conclusion of Lifetime Premium Prostate Support Review

Even though it is claimed that Lifetime Premium Prostate Support is a wonderful supplement to safeguard prostate gland and urinary bladder, and ensure prostate health, we did not find any facts to back this claim.The Lifetime Premium Prostate Support fails miserably.

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