Conffianz Skin Lightener Cream Review

Conffianz Skin Lightener Cream for Skin Brightener
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This review focuses on the product by Conffianz, Skin Lightener Cream. This product is claimed by the manufacturer to enhance the condition of the skin while eliminating uneven pigmentation and dark marks. The formula contains several ingredients that can reduce the amount of pigment produced. The manufacturer also claims that this product contains elements that can help guard the skin from aging while hydrating the skin. Continue reading this review to gain the facts on this product.


Sunflower oil and wheat germ oil are good sources of vitamin E. Lactic acid assists the manufacture of additional collagen. No information is given on the concentration of the active ingredients found within this skincare product. For a high-end quality product, the concentration of the active ingredients should be at least 10% for the product to be effective. Furthermore, this product lacks key ingredients such as mallow, peppermint oil, gypsyweed, or even alpenrose. These elements aid in evening out the skin tone while protecting the skin from environmental factors.


This product, in a cream formulation, appears to be easy to use. The manufacturer suggests that the consumer apply a liberal amount of the product twice daily to the areas with uneven pigmentation. The manufacturer does not state whether any products may be applied on top of the product, nor whether a sunscreen should be used.


This product presented in a one (1)-fluid ounce bottle and is available online to buy. On the company’s website this product costs $19.95. This price is discounted from the original $29.95. Even though the company offers a discount they do not offer any bundle deals for consumers. Bundle deals would have rewarded consumer loyalty and commitment to the company. The company does offer a recurring shipment program in which shipments of this product may be delivered regularly to the consumer. These programs are known to be problematic: they are difficult to cancel, the consumer’s credit card being billed meantime.


The manufacturer does not guarantee this product. If a consumer wishes to cancel a order, they will need to do so before the product is shipped, or the consumer will be liable for the bill. The lack of a guarantee is a concern: this could imply that this product is not effective.

Conclusion of Our Conffianz Skin Lightener Cream Review

This skin-lightening product appears useful. There is a discount offered which helps the consumer to save money over a long period. Also, the instructions appear clear and concise. On the downside, this product lacks a guarantee to protect the consumer; and it lacks patented and clinically proven ingredients which would certify the product’s efficacy. With all of that mentioned about this skin care product, it should also be mentioned that there are many other products on the market. These competitive products offer firm guarantees that protect the consumer’s rights, that are presented in very attractive package deals with discounts, that have well-designed websites that are not only informative, have all the information you need but are also easy to understand, and high quality ingredients that are patented and clinically proven to be effective.

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