Blooms Health Horse Chestnut Review

Blooms Health Horse Chestnut Review
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The Blooms Health Horse Chestnut is being praised as an effective treatment by its manufacturers. Apparently, this product is great for combating Spider and Varicose veins conditions. These kind of conditions are caused by being overweight. They also can be gotten by individuals who have the hereditary gene. They can also develop in pregnant women since the governing factor for getting them is rapid stress changes caused by over exertion.

There is a rapid increase of cases in people with Spider and Varicose veins. It is rather unfortunate though, that these conditions escalate into other worse conditions like phlebitis, bleeding and ulcers in the legs, if left untreated. An alarming forty three percent of the population is said to be living with Spider and Varicose veins. A majority of these people end up having surgery in the long run due to the neglect of not seeking proper treatment.

Luckily enough, products like the Blooms Health Horse Chestnut are available to buy to help treat these ghastly looking veins.


There is always a variation in how manufacturers package their product. This is also inclusive of the ingredients in a product. it is essential to know what you are putting in your body, therefore having detailed knowledge of the contents will put your mind at ease.

According to the manufacturer, Horse Chestnut Extract is the only ingredient that is in the Blooms Health Horse Chestnut. Although this can be possible, it is a little hard to believe that this is the only ingredient in the product.


It is recommended that the individual should take just two capsules daily. It does not specify whether it should be morning, noon or night, so the assumption is  that you should take it at your convenience.

Side Effects

There are side effects stipulatd by the manufacturer. These side effects are:-

  • Drowsiness
  • Enlarged Pupils
  • flushed skin

The manufacturer also stresses the need of staying away from the drug if you are under medication that involves aspirin or blood thinners.


The Blooms Health Horse Chestnut product is priced at twenty dollars and ninety five cents. The bottle consists of ninety capsules which by the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, should last up to forty five days.


Having some sort of guarantee from the manufacturer can motivate the consumer in buying the product. Someone needs to know that they are a company that is confident about what they make.

The Blooms Health Horse Chestnut unfortunately, does not have a guarantee.

Conclusion – Blooms Health Horse Chestnut Review

Although reputed to effectively treat Spider and Varicose veins, the Blooms Health Horse Chestnut’s lack of a guarantee and many side effects does not give me a solid good feeling about it. Plus, it is not believable that they only have only one ingredient in their product.

It is not also inspected by the FDA.

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