Divine Derriere Skin Bleaching Cream Review

Divine Derriere Skin Bleaching Cream for Skin Brightener
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This is a review of a product called Divine Derriere Skin Bleaching Cream. The manufacturer claims that this product is a quick-absorbing cream that is formulated to prevent the damaging effects of external aggressors on the skin, therefore, promoting even-toned skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, is that the best skin lightening product available? This review examines a variety of aspects to help you make that choice.


The manufacturer claims that this product has 1 main active ingredient; Hydroquinone 2.0%. The ingredient is used to lighten the dark patches of the skin that may have been caused by cell damage, blocking the processes in the skin that lead to discoloration. While this ingredient is highly beneficial, it alone may not be as effective as competitor products that have up to 5 patented ingredients as well as supportive ingredients. Without the help of ingredients like Alpaflor Gigawhite, REGU-FADE, and PhytoCellTec Alp Rose; it is unlikely that this product can deliver an effective total-care solution. The lack of these tested and clinically proven patented ingredients, as well as a GMP certification, raises questions as to the quality of this product and the way in which it was produced. This is a concern.


The Manufacturer offers adequate directions for the use of this product. Simply apply the product once or twice a day to cleansed and toned skin (a thin layer of cream spread all over the face should suffice). For best results, use with sunblock during the day and moisturizer at night. The concentration of the active ingredient seems appropriate. Hydroquinone causes peeling and therefore customers should refrain from spending time in the sun when using this product as this poses a risk. In saying so, there are many other safer alternatives on the market that may be just as effective – if not better.


Divine Derriere Skin Bleaching Cream retails for $55 and can be bought from the manufacturer’s website. The price for a 3.4 oz. tub of the product was reduced from $82.99, offering a substantial saving. However, even with that discount, the price is still expensive for a product that has limited ingredients and no quality certification. Furthermore, this product needs to be used in conjunction with other products, which will increase the total price paid.


Divine Derriere claims to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, where this policy is extended to partially used products too. This suggests a level of confidence in the product’s efficacy, however, optimal results may not be seen within 30 days. In saying so, the guarantee period is too short. Furthermore, there are many negative customer reviews that complain that this product had no noticeable effect while others claimed that they experienced negative side effects. This is a concern.

Conclusion of Our Divine Derriere Skin Bleaching Cream Review

This product appears to be one of quality at first glance. The inclusion of Hydroquinone 2.0% has been known to be effective in skin lightening efforts, however, there are many risks associated with using this ingredient. Furthermore, a formula with this ingredient alone cannot be as effective as formulas that offer up to 5 patented ingredients. The price is relatively expensive and the instructions for use are limited. Although there is a 30-day policy available for refunds, this is not expended to used products and prevents customers the freedom to test their product for themselves. For these reasons, as well as poor customer reviews, we do not recommend Divine Derriere Skin Bleaching Cream.

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