Dr Mercola D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract

Dr. Mercola D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract for Urinary Tract Infection
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D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract has been formulated as an alternative to default cranberry remedies for urinary tract infections, or UTIs. Urinary tract infections usually occur when e.coli enters the ureter, urethra or bladder. These infections are more common in men than women, due to the proximity of the female urethra to the rectum. Cranberry often comes with added sugar in the form of fructose, which can in fact be food for bad fungi and bacteria such as candida albicans. D-mannose was shown in clinical trials to be much more potent than cranberry – as a result, this formula is built on D-mannose.

Wiping incorrectly, sanitary products, sexual intercourse and a lack of fresh water can all contribute to UTIs. The symptoms are stinging and burning while urinating, a strong urge to urinate often, abdominal bloating and cramps and urinary cloudiness. If there’s blood you must see a doctor immediately, as that means the infection has spread to the kidneys. UTIs often reoccur because gut flora is imbalanced, leaving too few good bacteria in place to fend off the offending ones, such as e.coli.


  • D-Mannose (1,000 mg per 2-capsule dose)
  • Organic Cranberry Fruit Extract (400 mg per 2-capsule dose)

In clinical trials, D-mannose was found to be 100% quicker acting and more effective at clearing the GI tract of e-coli. This is because D-mannose’s structure and chemical compounds allow it to stick to the tract walls, where the e.coli is, causing the e.coli to bond with it. The e.coli is then expelled in the urine along with the D-mannose which cannot be processed by the body and therefore must be urinated out. It is also not absorbed as glucose. The cranberry here is the extract, which means it is more concentrated with the good compounds needed to flush out bacteria and fungi, and free of added sugars which could in fact help infections flare up and recurr.


Take two capsules daily. This product is intended for adults, not children. There are 60 capsules per bottle, so each bottle lasts for one month. A serving size is 2 capsules.

Possible Side Effects

None that we could see were expressly provided on the bottle, but you should always consult a doctor if you’re on warfarin. Cranberry may increase the risk of bleeding with warfarin.


One bottle of 60 capsules retails for $19.97 on the manufacturer’s website. The cost of three bottles is $47.97, which represents a saving of 36%.


You have 90 days to return unexpired, consumable products. You must contact customer service first to obtain authorization. There is no indication that opened or partially used items may not be returned but it is best to double check.

Conclusion of our D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract Review

The manufacturer makes it clear that this formula is designed to support, not treat active infections. However, as D-mannose is such a powerful cleanser, it is possible that you could double the dosage and see good results in a short space of time for an active infection as well, provided you are not on other medication, taking this supplement recklessly and have cleared it with your healthcare provider. However, that would double the cost. So, you may want to look for a similarly formulated supplement should you be in the grip of an active infection, and compare prices by dosage, and the strength of the active ingredients contained – D-Mannose must be one of them. The cranberry extract is like an extra insurance that boosts the effectiveness of this supplement as a maintenance regime. D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract contains organic maltodextrin among other preservatives. This is not the worst as far as preservatives go but if you prefer something with absolutely no fillers, binders or preservatives you would also have to look elsewhere.

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