ClearTract Urinary Tract Formula Review

Cleartract D-Mannose Formula for Urinary Tract Infection
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There are many Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) natural remedies on the market today – and thank goodness, because doctor’s often default to antibiotics. While antibiotics will rid you of these infections quickly, they usually compound the problem long-term because they kill off not only bad gut bacteria, but good bacteria too. The latter is responsible in part for fending off bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and the main culprit causing UTIs – e.coli. E coli usually makes its way from the rectum or digestive tract into the bladder and urethra, where it causes painful inflammation. ClearTract is formulated using a D-mannose based formula which also includes cranberry.

UTI symptoms, when the first onset arrives, includes an irrepressible urge to urinate frequently. It is often accompanied by burning or sharp, stinging sensations. There may be lower abdominal bloating too. If there is blood in your urine, see a doctor immediately as it means the infection has spread to your kidneys, which is dangerous.


  • D-mannose (99%)
  • Cellulose
  • Silica
  • Magnesium stearate

Until about 2012, the default for UTI infections was cranberry, which has a compound capable of enveloping the e.coli and rinsing it out as it passes through the bladder. Since then, clinical trials have proven that D-Mannose is much more adept at doing so. D-mannose is a form of glucose that cannot be digested by the body, and therefore has to be expelled in urine. It attaches itself to the e.coli, dragging it out of the body along with it. In trials, the D-mannose was shown to be fast-acting and much more efficient than cranberry as a formula, which is why the manufacturer can tout it as a ‘powerful cranberry alternative’.


Take 3 capsules, 5 times daily for an active infection. You can decrease the dose when your symptoms improve.

Possible Side Effects

Our research shows that you should not give this to children. Check with your doctor if it is fine to use if you are on other medication. There are mostly no side effects, although a minority of users complain of joint aches after prolonged use. It is unclear why this is so, although possibly if D-mannose is incompatible with you it may cause a build up of uric acid-like crystals.


On Amazon, a bottle with 60 capsules retails for $17.61. If you’re treating an active infection, one bottle will last for 12 days.


Since we could only locate the product on Amazon, it is unclear whether there is a manufacturer’s guarantee. It certainly does not seem to be the case. The item would therefore only be subject to the third-party Amazon guarantee.

Conclusion Of Our ClearTract Urinary Tract Formula Review

Urinary Tract Formula gets mostly good reviews on Amazon. Given the high dosage, it should be quick acting. One thing to bear in mind though is the cost because you’ll be bound to make your way through a bottle quickly, especially during active infections. Most people do report that active infections are gone within 3 or 4 days though. D-mannose as a standalone product is far more effective than cranberry although for added protection, you could always look for a product containing both. One drawback of Urinary Tract Formula, depending on how sensitive you are, is that it contains magnesium stearate. This is a preservative which sometimes causes headaches, migraines and other side effects. If you’re worried, switch to one without magnesium stearate or any additions, binders or fillers of any kind.

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