Earth’s Creation Natural Cranberry Fruit Concentrate Review

Earth Creation Natural Cranberry for Urinary Tract Infection
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Are you frustrated at how often you get urinary tract infections (UTIs)? The condition affects both men and women but up to 75% of women will experience at least one infection in their lifetimes, with more than half experiencing repeat infections. The antibiotics that are often prescribe are in part to blame, science tells us, as they suppress the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. Since bad bacteria is so adept at making its presence fortified, it will outgrow good bacteria in most cases. It is essential therefore to look for a product that creates a hostile environment for bad bacteria long term. One product that is natural and may do just that is Earth’s Creation Natural Cranberry Fruit Concentrate. We will examine to what extent this is viable as a solution and how potent it is.

When you have a UTI you will often feel a sharp, stinging pain when trying to urinate, immense bladder pressure and slight incontinence should you fail to release your bladder in time, abdominal pain and general bloating and discomfort. Your urine may also be cloudy. If it is bloody, the infection has moved to the kidneys and you should see a doctor immediately. The culprit behind these UTIs is often the e.coli bacteria. In women, the urethra is physiologically closer to the rectum, making it easy for this bacteria to move down. Wiping from front to back and drinking fresh water often is essential.


  • 4200mg craberry concentrate per softgel
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Cranberries contain natural chemicals that are used as antibacterials in the fight against e.coli.  agent and prevent E. It is significant that the extract is used because not only is the fruit or juice format full of sugar – which bad bacteria such as yeast feed on – but the extract is more packed with the compounds needed to flush out bacteria and fungi. Most fruits such as berries and oranges would of course be packed with Vitamin C, which then also increases immunity and fights bacterial infections on that front. Vitamin E is an antioxidant so may be beneficial in fighting UTIs.

However it has been clinically proven that cranberries on their own don’t go the distance in fighting UTIs effectively, and that D-mannose is 100% more effective in doing so. D-mannose binds to the e.coli so that when it is flushed out, the e.coli has to be expelled right along with it.


The manufacturer is not clear about how many softgels you should take a day but you should gradually increase the dosage if you need swift relief. You should probably not take more than 3 softgels per day. As a daily maintenance regimen for your urinary tract, one a day should suffice.

Possible Side Effects

Again, although not explicitly stated, do not take this if you are on blood thinners or scheduled for surgery. Cranberry compounds thin the blood.


It was not possible to ascertain the price despite our best research efforts. Amazon says it does not know if and when the product will be back, and there is no indication as to price on the product website either.


We could not find any money-back or returns policy when researching the communications the manufacturer makes about its products. There does not appear to be one.

Conclusion of Our Earth’s Creation Natural Cranberry Fruit Concentrate Review

The product is all-natural, and as it is in concentrate form, you will get a higher dose of anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties than eating the fruit or drinking cranberry juice. The added benefits of vitamin C and E strengthen the supplement’s anti oxidant properties and raise your immune barriers.

However, the communication on the Earth Creation website is poor, with no definitive information as to exact ingredient components, dosage, price and other critical consumer-important communications missing. It is unclear whether the product is still being sold at all, and where you could purchase it. Similarly, there is no talk of a guarantee. Given all these blurred disclosures and the fact that this kind of formulation for UTIs has been clinically proven to be less than 100% effective than products that rely far less on cranberry and more on D-mannose, we do not feel able to recommend Natural Cranberry Fruit Concentrate.

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