Scar Zone A for Acne Review

Scar Zone A for Acne Review
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Scar Zone A for Acne, designed for all scar types, is specifically designed for acne scar treatment and claims the following:

  • an all-in-one medicated cream
  • quick relief from pimples, acne, and redness
  • helps prevent breakouts in the future
  • helps lessen the appearance of acne scars
  • offers guaranteed results

This product can also be used on stretch marks and open wounds to prevent infection and help with reduce scarring.


Scar Zone A for Acne has no information on ingredients on the product source. Why would the ingredients not be listed?  Is there any particular ingredients that should be known?  Are the ingredients safe?  Are they proven to work as stated? Well, these are all valid questions that a consumer will want to know.


Scar Zone A for Acne has no information listed on dosage or application.  Scar Zone A for Acne does a very poor job when it comes to providing usage information.  Why would a consumer even consider a product that does not even provide the usage information.  This seems to be very counterproductive.  How and when should the product be used?  It does seems like this is need-to-know information for any consumer.

Side Effects

There are no possible side effects listed.  Are there any potential allergic reactions?  Any side effects to long term use?  This is all information that is very important to know.

There are no long-term results that are listed, however it does state that most individuals should see dramatic results within 90 days of use.


Scar Zone A for Acne has the following price point:

  • $6.59 — 1 ounce tube

This product can also be purchased from numerous retailer.

Scar Zone® A for Acne seems inexpensive when compared to other scar removal products.  Does this low price state anything about the actual effectiveness of the product?


Scar Zone A for Acne has a return policy that states to simply return the unused portion of the product, sales receipt, and UPC code from package and manufacturer will refund the full purchase product within 6-8 weeks.  This guarantee only applies to products purchased in USA and its possessions.  The return address is conveniently provided also.

Conclusion – Scar Zone A for Acne Review

While Scar Zone A for Acne is a good product, it is still not FDA cleared.

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