Supplement Spot Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream Review

Supplement Spot Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream for Skin Brightener
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In this review, Supplement Spot’s product Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream will be examined. Derived from mushrooms, this all-natural product is claimed to lighten dark pigmentation spots on the skin. This is not a harsh product −it offers anti oxidizing properties beneficial to the skin. Continue reading this review to learn more facts about this skincare product.


  • Glyceryl stearate
  • Aloe vera
  • Kojic acid
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Retinol A
  • Vitamin E

The key ingredient in this skincare product is kojic acid (albeit only the fourth ingredient in the formula). Kojic acid prevents new melanin from developing in the skin. Vitamin E helps to restore damaged skin cells, and aloe vera and olive oil hydrate and soothe the skin, reducing inflammation. This product, however, does not contain at least five patented and clinically proven ingredients.


User instructions are sparse. The cream should be applied daily to the hands and face until the correct skin tone has been reached. The manufacturer does warn that people with oily skin should apply this cream twice a day. This process should be followed for at least four weeks, up to six weeks. Once the skin has lightened, no further guidance is offered. It is not stated whether the face should be cleaned beforehand, nor the amount of product to be applied.


This product is available online, where a 4-ounce pump bottle costs $24.95. This price has been discounted from $37.99. Besides this, the manufacturer does offer various package deals, each with discounts. Two bottles cost $23.71 per bottle, saving 5%. Three bottles cost $22.46 per bottle, saving 10%. Four bottles cost $21.21 per bottle, saving 15%. Five or more bottles cost $19.96 per bottle, saving 20% in the process.


The manufacturer’s guarantee is imprecise, even misleading. There is purportedly a 30-day guarantee, and although the company states that all the used and empty bottles should be returned, the company also states that only unused bottles with receive a refund. Shipping fee is not refunded.

Conclusion of Our Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream Review

Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream is an interesting product backed by a 30-day guarantee. This product is presented with discounts and attractive package deals on which the consumer can save money. However, the company’s instructions are somewhat unclear and the guarantee is misleading. This skincare product also lacks patented and clinically proven ingredients which would have confirmed its quality. More so, there should be cited that there is more than a limited amount of competitive goods on the market place that bid better-quality products. This as they have consumer friendly and firm guarantees, very attractive bundle deals with concessions that can aid regular clients to save money over the long term, on the other hand these companies also offer clear but also succinct information on their website as well as easy to follow instructions of how to use these products in that way permitting the client to reach top results. This specific merchandise however does not offer the same.

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