Absolute Essential Maternity Stretchmark Oil Review

Absolute Essential Maternity Stretchmark Oil Review
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This is our review of Absolute Essential Maternity Stretchmark Oil. It’s an organic product that is intended to reduce stretch marks and give skin nutrition and elasticity. Its goal is to protect the skin against dryness, stretching, and more stretching that occurs while pregnant. Continue reading for our full review.


  • Palmarosa (organic) Cymbopogon martini
  • Calendula: infused (organic) Calendula officinalis
  • Evening Primrose Oil (organic) Oenothera biennis
  • Mandarin (organic) Citrus reticulata
  • Avocado Oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Lavender Sweet
  • Olive Oil
  • Wheatgerm Oil virgin
  • Geranium Rose

These ingredients are intended to stimulate cell regeneration, nurture your skin, retain your skin elasticity, and help prevent future stretch marks. They are also supposed to help your skin’s elasticity get a deep nourishing conditioning which will hopefully make your skin have more youthful characteristics.


It is recommended to apply the oil daily during pregnancy to breasts, thighs, and stomach. It should also be used postpartum to help your skin as it contracts back to your usual size. It can also be used on old stretch marks to help restore the skin. You can also use this product on children. They recommend half of a dose for children 3 and up and a quarter of a dose for younger children. It is unclear what a daily dose should be.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer lists no possible side effects for this product. The oil should not be ingested, you must call a doctor if it is. Avoid eye contact. If it does come in contact with your eye try flushing it out with water. Keep out of the reach of children.


Absolute Essential Maternity Stretcmark Oil is sold in two sizes. You can buy a 100 ml bottle for $28.93 and a 500 ml bottle for $72.37. As you can see, this product is on the more expensive side.


This product has no customer guarantee. This shows a lack of confidence they have in their product’s effectiveness. It may cause you to not have as much confidence in the product as well. They do have a return policy that states you can only return the item if it arrives damaged, expired, or if it isn’t was you ordered. We were unable to find any customer reviews for this product and therefore can’t speak of its effectiveness.

Our Final Review of Absolute Essential Maternity Stretchmark Oil

There are a couple of positive things about Absolute Essential Maternity Stretchmark Oil. It is an all natural organic oil which means the possibility of it causing any negative side effects is very unlikely. This product is safe to be used on children as well, in smaller doses.  There are a few things that concern us. This product is sold in two sizes but both of the sizes are quite expensive. They say you can use smaller doses on children but don’t clarify what a daily dose is for adults. There also is no customer guarantee, which means no guarantee this product will work. The major thing that concerned us was the lack of customer reviews for this product. It causes us to be hesitant and therefore we would not recommend this product. We feel there is a better option out there for you.

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