RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream Review

RevitaGen Stretch Mark Eraser for Stretch Mark
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The following review is for a product called RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream. The manufacturer designed this product with the aim of reducing stretch mark depth and visibility. They claim that this is possible due to the advanced peptide formula in the product. To find out more about the ingredients in RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream and if it is worth a try, read our full review below.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide an ingredients’ list. This is concerning because you cannot know what is in the product or what possible side effects there might be. RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream claims to contain peptides that help repair stretch marks at their source and also firm and tighten damaged skin. In addition to this, the product reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. The micro-active ingredients absorbs quickly through the epidermal layer (top skin layer), immediately leaving the skin feeling smooth and young.


The manufacturer provides a clear explanation of when and how the product must be used. First clean and dry the skin or affected area. Apply the product before bedtime and in the morning. Massage the product into the skin using a circular motion, until it has been absorbed. Use the product sparingly.

Possible Side Effects

Consult with your healthcare provider before using.


The product can be purchased online form the manufacturer’s website. One month supply will cost a total of $69.95. If you purchase a 3 month supply, you will pay $159.99 and receive two free gifts. This is a very reasonable discounted bundle deal, however, a single tube of product is quite expensive in comparison with other brands. The product may become pricey in the long run.


The manufacturer provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. You will be happy to know that if you open the tube and test the product, that you are able to return it without a problem. If you are not satisfied with the results, simply return the product for a full refund. If you purchase more than one tube, you must return the additional tubes in a sealed condition as well. Ensure you follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer on their website to ensure a full refund.

Conclusion of Our RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream Review

RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream has some encouraging features. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on both used and unused products. However, we do have a number of concerns. First of all, the product is priced quite high and may cause financial problems in the long run. Furthermore, the more disturbing part is that the manufacturer does not provide an ingredients’ list. You will want to see what the product contains in order to make an informed decision whether to purchase the product or not. Due to these flaws mentioned above, we do not recommend the use of RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream for effective stretch mark treatment.

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