Biotech Nutritions White Kidney Bean Extract Review

Biotech Nutritions White Kidney Bean Extract Review
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Simple starches and refined carbohydrates have gained a bad reputation recently as being linked to weight gain. Whole-food diets, Low GI diets, sugar-free diets and the Atkins Diet are just some eating programs that advocate consuming fewer or no carbohydrates. Depending on your metabolism, you body may not be able to process carbs properly, leading to weight gain and a feeling of sluggishness. If you’re looking for a carb blocker, this review is for you. The supplement we reviewing is called White Kidney Bean Extract.

Starch blockers are also called amylase inhibitors. They prevent the body from absorbing starches and carbohydrates. The result is that carbs pass through the body without being digested. As a result, the calories from these carbs are not absorbed.

This supplement contains a natural carb blocker in the form of white kidney beans. Scientific evidence has linked consuming these beans to people consuming less fat and losing weight.


  • White kidney bean extract of high quality, 500 mg per capsule.

No soy, salt, sugar, yeast, starch, gluten, wheat, dairy, preservatives or colorants are used in the product.

White bean extract has been linked to weight loss because they interrupt the working of the the enzyme amylase. Amylase breaks down carbs, so the body can absorb them. If they’re not broken down, they have to pass right through the body, along with the calories they contain.

So, while this supplement may be an effective aid to weight loss, we must note that simple sugars will still be absorbed by the body. The body can easily absorb this, regardless of amylase. The effects of kidney bean extract also vary from person to person. This supplement is a good start but it is not a replacement for good nutritional habits and exercise.


Take 2 capsules a day, 1 each with water a few minutes before your two biggest meals of the day. Do not take more than 4 capsules daily.

Possible Side Effects

Children, pregnant women and nursing women should not take this capsule. Mild bloating and gas as well as abdominal pain may occur. The safety of white kidney bean in extract form has not been established over the long term.


A 100-day supply costs $19.99 on the product website. At the time of writing this review, you could purchase 5 bottles and get 3 free on the website.


There is a 3-day returns policy but only unopened bottles may be returned. This means you cannot buy one bottle to try and return it if dissatisfied.

The Conclusion Of Our Biotech Nutritions White Kidney Bean Extract Review

The supplement is vegetarian friendly and all natural. It receives above average reviews so works for most people. This is not surprising as there is scientific evidence to back this up. It is an easy, effective way to reduce your carbohydrate intake and create the calorie deficit needed to lose weight.

However, this product will have a limited effect if you already follow a low-carb diet. The sustained effects will be reversed if you increase your carb intake, simply consume too many calories overall or do not exercise. We suggest only purchasing one bottle initially as the guarantee does not cover opened bottles.

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