Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract Review

Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract
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Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract is a weight loss supplement that claims to break down stored fat, suppress the appetite and even enhance your mood.

Forskolin supplements have been growing in popularity due to recent clinical studies showing that it can help decrease body fat in overweight individuals. Forskolin has also been widely used as an herbal medicine in various parts of the world for many generations.

Since not all Forskolin supplements are created the same, let’s take a closer look at what Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract can offer to consumers.


Before deciding to buy any kind of supplement, it’s best to check what ingredients it uses.

Each capsule of Millor Life Premium Forskolin Exract contains:

  • 250mg Coleus forskohlii root extract (standardized to 20%)
  • Rice flour
  • Vegetable Cellulose

The only active ingredient we see here is 250mg of Forskolin extract which is standardized to 20%. This means that each capsule contains up to 50mg of actual Forskolin. Compared to other Forskolin supplements, 50mg is already quite high.

Rice flour is considered an inactive ingredient and merely serves as a filler, binder or additive. It doesn’t have any positive or negative effects on one’s health.


Millor Life recommends taking one veggie capsule twice a day about 30 minutes prior to eating your regular meal.

Side Effects

Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract does not have any indications of any possible side effects. There are also no known side effects associated with Forskolin in general. However, the manufacturer does still caution users not to exceed the recommended dose.


One bottle of Millor Life Premium which contains 60 capsules costs $29.95. This is an average price compared to other Forskolin supplements out in the market. One bottle should last up to one month if you follow the maximum recommended dose of two capsules a day.


Millor Life indicates that it offers a money back guarantee, but the details are not listed on its website. When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on its website, you’ll be redirected to an Amazon listing for the product.

Conclusion for Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract

Millor Life Premium Forskolin Extract contains a decent amount of Forskolin and is available for an average price. However, its money back guarantee is probably dependent on Amazon’s return policy.

There are other Forskolin supplements that offer a real money back guarantee which are more effective and more reliable.

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