Now Foods 5-HTP Review

Now Foods 5-HTP Review
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Now Foods 5-HTP is characterized as a metabolite between an amino acid named L-Tryptophan and serotonin, the well recognized hormone of bliss. Serotonin is the most significant mood controller in the human brain, and when there is a small amount of it, we tend to feel down and even miserable at times.

People that are tormented by depression and anxiety often have little serotonin levels, and the warning signs they experience are related to this shortfall. Now Foods 5-HTP is an all natural enhancement that is built on this metabolite, to provide your body with what it needs to produce more serotonin.

The 5-HTP depression supplement is provided in a colorful white/orange with black lid and provides you with 120 capsules. This is a popular product, and, as a result, we came to the resolution to review it here so you can make a right decision when you want to buy this natural supplement.


The wholesomeness and superiority of ingredients are very vital for resourceful natural supplements. Now Foods 5-HTP contains the following:

  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan– 100 mg
  • The capsule is made of rice flour and cellulose
  • Has no added fillers or other ingredients

As a predecessor of serotonin, 5-HTP is very helpful, because it can increase the levels of the pleasure hormone when you are feeling down. It is attained from the seeds of a plant found in Africa, and it is a great natural resource of well being.

Still, if you are looking to treat more difficult symptoms of nervousness, this supplement may not be perfect, since it is focused on only supplying you with the desired serotonin boost and nothing else.


The suggested dosage is one capsule daily, taken before you go to sleep. When taken on an empty stomach, it is more efficient, according to the label.

Side Effects

While investigating numerous customer reviews there are no noted side effects regarding the use of this supplement. The supplement label does direct that if you are using any current antidepressant medication you should consult your physician before taking it.


A bottle of Now Foods 5-HTP with 120 capsules has a list price of $35.99! The product can be purchased from Amazon for $15.82.  Seeing as a single bottle can last for four months, this is a very fine price to pay.


There is no guarantee offered on the official website of the supplier. But, a contact form is available to send information to you if needed regarding this issue.

Conclusion of Now Foods 5-HTP Review

As the product benefits from so many optimistic reviews from users, Now Foods 5-HTP may be a reliable aid when your mood is down and the most important cause for your blues is the lack of serotonin in your brain.

Yet, do not be expecting that this supplement will work wonders with other symptoms of nervousness or depression, because this is not what it was intended for.

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