Dermaquest C Infusion Eye Cream Review

Dermaquest C Infusion Eye Cream for Wrinkles
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In this review of Dermaquest C Infusion Eye Cream, we will outline whether or not this is the best eye cream on the market. In doing so, you can make a confident and wise consumer purchase. The manufacturer claims that it is an exceptional eye treatment for dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. But, can it live up to the hype? Continue reading this review to find out.


  • Orange Stem Cells
  • Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres
  • Eyeliss
  • Matrixyl

Dermaquest C Infusion Eye Cream eludes to the fact that these ingredients are present, however, fails to provide a complete ingredient list. The lack of clarity is somewhat concerning. There may be additional ingredients, such as fillers and binders, that we are unaware of. However, these ingredients are beneficial and the presence of patented ingredients is positive to note. Orange Stem Cells are rich in antioxidants. Therefore, they protect the skin from harmful free radicals and external aggressors. Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres are more impactful than Hyaluronic Acid. They absorb moisture rapidly and, in turn, plump the skin. As a result, they reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Eyeliss prevents puffiness and reduces bags under the eyes. Matrixyl is a long-lasting peptide. It stimulates collagen synthesis. Collagen is an essential component of the skin tissue. As a result, Matrixyl supports the skin’s structural integrity and reduces the prominence of fine lines.

The formula, although beneficial, contains only a few clinically proven patented ingredients. There are several competitor products that contain up to five. In saying so, they will likely yield better results. It is also extremely concerning to note that the manufacturer does not clearly stipulate the product is vegan-friendly or animal cruelty-free. Therefore, we cannot assure the ethicality of the manufacturing processes.


The manufacturer provides very vague directions in comparison to several alternatives on the market. They merely suggest applying to the fingertips and gently smoothing around the eye area. Also, they fail to provide the frequency of application or the ingredient concentrations. As a result, we cannot assess the lifespan or product strength.


A 15ml pump bottle retails online. It can be bought from the manufacturer’s online store. If you wish to purchase it, it will cost you $110. This is significantly pricier in comparison to alternatives on the market. Furthermore, the fact that it contains only a few patented ingredients raises concerns over the steep price. The manufacturer regrets to provide discounts or package deals to ensure long-term use is not costly.


The manufacturer has a return policy, however, it does not cater to products that fail to work. This is extremely concerning as it showcases a lack of faith in the product’s effectiveness. Whatsmore even if you wanted to return a faulty delivery, the manufacturer states that they are not liable for shipping costs. This lack of reassuring customer support is alarming. It is even more concerning to note that there are very few customer reviews to gain an accurate understanding of efficacy. Therefore, you can only test its effectiveness after committing to a purchase.

Conclusion of Our Dermaquest C Infusion Eye Cream Review

Dermaquest C Infusion Eye Cream contains a positive formula which includes patented ingredients. The inclusion of a guarantee is also appealing. However, the guarantee does not apply to ineffective products and the formula is missing additional patented ingredients. Furthermore, the lack of customer reviews and vague instructions are disappointing. Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing it.

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