Dermatix Silicone Gel Review

Dermatix Silicone Gel Review
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Dermatix Silicone Gel is a clinically proven advanced topical gel that claims to help prevent scars in fresh wounds and reduce immature scars.  It also claims to soften, flatten, and smooth scars, as well as, relieve itching, pain, and discomfort associated with scars.  Dermatix Silicone Gel claims to be recommended by surgeons, dermatologists, and leading specialists worldwide.

Benefits of use:

  • ease of use
  • discreet
  • suitable for children
  • make-up can be used over the gel to hide the scar
  • ideal for most of the body
  • helps balance the skin’s moisture retaining ability


Dermatix Silicone Gel just lists ingredients as an advanced topical silicone gel.  That is all that is listed.


Dermatix Silicone Gel states that it can be applied to most areas of the face, joints, and other body parts.  No other usage information is provided for this product.

Side Effects

There are no possible side effects listed for this product. Dermatix Silicone Gel does state the following:

  • do not use on open or fresh would
  • should not be used with antibiotic skin preparations
  • may stain clothes if not completely dry
  • should be applied to clean and dry skin
  • if irritation occurs, stop use and talk to your doctor

There are no possible side effects listed for this product, however it does claim that results can be seen within four weeks.


Dermatix Silicone Gel is listed at the following price points:

  • $64.38 for a 15 gram tube
  • $173.86 for a 60 gram tube

Dermatix® Silicone Gel seems a little expensive when compared other scar treatment options.


Dermatix Silicone Gel provides some information as to the return policy.  They do not accept returns on any opened products.  There is a contact number and an online contact option for the manufacturer in Great Britian.  This means that if you purchase a tube and are not happy with the results, then you have no recourse other than to seek another scar treatment option.    If the product is unopened, then the refund will be processed within 30 days.  This seems to be a little long to process a refund.

Conclusion – Dermatix Silicone Gel Review

While Dermatix Silicone Gel is a good product, it does not have a clealy defined money back guarantee and that is never a good thing.

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