Emma Hardie Vitamin C Intense Daily Serum Review

Emma Hardie Vitamin C Intense Daily Serum for Eye Lash & Eye Brow
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Emma Hardie Vitamin C Intense Daily Serum is a day serum product designed to reduce pigmentation, brighten and nourish skin, and protect the skin from external aggressors. The manufacturer claims that the product is a supercharged, lightweight formula of powerful ingredients. In this review, we have determined if the product can live up to these claims and suggested whether or not you should consider purchasing it.


  • Niacinamide
  • Glycerin
  • Hydroxyacetophenone
  • Caprylyl Glycol
  • Hydrogenated Lecithin
  • Propanediol
  • Dicaprylyl Carbonate

Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3, is a restorative ingredient that works to reduce wrinkles, refine uneven skin tone, and brighten the skin. Glycerin is a common ingredient found in skin care products because of its ability to attract moisture. In doing so, it maintains skin hydration and nourishes the body. Hydroxyacetophenone is a relatively new ingredient that acts as a preservative booster, anti-irritant, and antioxidant. It is used for its ability to fight free radicals and prevent damage caused by external aggressors. Caprylyl Glycol has moisturizing properties and is used to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Hydrogenated Lecithin aids in the body’s ability to stabilize the skin barrier as well as restructure the natural properties of the skin. Propanediol is a fragrance ingredient, ensuring that the product smells relatively appealing. Dicaprylyl Carbonate is included because it enhances the absorption of other ingredients as well as leaves the skin feeling velvety. The product contains ingredients over and above the ones mentioned, however, the manufacturer does not clarify which are active. This makes it difficult to accurately determine which ingredients are delivering the results. Furthermore, this formula contains only one patented ingredient. Alternatives on the market can contain up to five and these patents are an indication of product quality.


The manufacturer provides clear instructions about how to use this product. They recommend warming 1 – 3 pumps in your hands and applying it to the cleansed face and decollete in the morning and evening before applying moisturizer. What concerns us is that they do not indicate how much of the active ingredients can be found in the formula. This means that we are unable to verify the strength of this formula.


This product can be bought online directly from the manufacturer. A single bottle of product costs $69.79. The manufacturer fails to indicate the quantity of product that can be found in each bottle. Whatsmore, the price is expensive when compared to competitor products on the market. The frequent use of this product could be too costly to maintain, especially considering that there are no discounts or package deals on offer.


The manufacturer claims to offer a guarantee for used products, suggesting a level of confidence in product efficacy. That said, the return policy is vague and there is no indication as to its length. The unclear policy may be unreliable and we suggest purchasing a product covered by a clearly articulated policy. Whatsmore, there are very few reviews for this product. From the reviews we managed to locate, many were negative and suggested that this product does not work as intended.

Conclusion of Our Emma Hardie Vitamin C Intense Daily Serum Review

This product has a few appealing selling points. It contains a patented ingredient which is an indication of quality. It is also supported by a guarantee. That said, the return policy is vague and unreliable. Certain competitor formulas contain up to five patented ingredients for improved results. The price is more expensive than a number of alternatives on the market. The lack of customer reviews makes it difficult to assure efficacy. Therefore, we do not recommend this product.

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