Made From Earth Three Berry Face Serum Review

Made From Earth Three Berry Face Serum for Anti-Aging
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The following review is for a product manufactured by Made From Earth, called Three Berry Face Serum. The product is filled with three different berries to help provide individuals with a soothing daily facial moisturizer. To find out more about the benefits offered by Made From Earth and to see if Three Berry Face Serum is worth a try, keep on reading.


The ingredients mentioned above seem to be the active ingredients. Made From Earth’s product, Three Berry Face Serum is filled with berries that they claim will help provide the antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, and moisture the face needs. They also claim that it will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, they do state that genetics, diet, and lifestyle factors also play a role. Unfortunately, based on the research we have done, the product does not seem to contain any patented ingredients whereas other brands have up to 5 patented ingredients. These are also based on clinical research, which does not seem to be present in this product.


The label on the product directs users to apply the product to a cleansed face using circular motions. The product may be used once or twice a day. The best times are in the morning and evening. The product can be used under makeup. The product seems to come in a pump bottle.


Made From Earth-Three Berry Face Serum can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website. The 2 ounce bottle of day serum is sold at a very low $19.99. A low price like this is not always a good thing. It may support the fact that the ingredients are not patented or clinically proven to be effective. Thus, you may be purchasing a low-quality product.


The manufacturer indicates that products that have been used under 10% may be returned within 30-days. This is a weak return policy as this is much too short a time to see if the product actually works for you. You need at least 90-days to make a clear conclusion. As a result, you will be at risk when making a purchase from this manufacturer.

Conclusion of Our Three Berry Face Serum Review

After our review of the product Made From Earth-Three Berry Face Serum, we found a few ups and a few downs. We appreciate the fact that the manufacturer provides clear information on when and how the product should be used.

However, we do not like the fact that the product does not contain any ingredients that are based on clinical research or that have been patented. This is quite a drawback, especially when comparing it with other brands. Furthermore, the price is very low and may indicate low-quality ingredients. Finally, a very weak money-back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer that will leave you at risk if the product does not work for you. In conclusion, we do not recommend the safe and effective use of Made From Earth-Three Berry Face Serum.

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