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Dr Brandt DoNotAge for Anti-Aging
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This is the review on the product DoNotAge, also known as DoNotAge Transforming Pearl Serum. Manufactured by Dr Brandt, t his serum affords the skin vital energy, restoring loss of vitality and firmness. This product also claims to reduce wrinkles and roughness. Continue reading this review and learn the facts about this skincare product.


  • Algae extract
  • High tech molecule
  • Paracress flower extract

There are three key ingredients. Algae extract revitalizes the skin. High tech molecule helps with moisture retention. Paracress flower extract minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. However, this product lacks at least five patented and clinically proven effective ingredients. This skincare product is free from parabens, phalates, and sulfates.


User instructions are not very detailed. The product should be applied to clean skin of the face in mornings. The company does not state how much product should be applied, nor whether the product may be applied close to the eyes.


One bottle costs $152.00. This product is only sold in the US and Canada online, directly from the manufacturer. It comes in a 1/35-fluid ounce bottle. The company offers no incentives such as package deals nor even discounts that would not only have made this product cost effective in the long run, but would have rewarded loyal customers.


The manufacturer of this anti-aging skincare product offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This pledge is active from the date of purchase. The consumer will need to include a copy of their invoice or sales order when returning the product. The company will accept opened products as long as not more than half of the product has been used. The company will only accept exchanges if the product is unused. In addition, the company states that, any gifts sent with the order would have to be returned. Items mentioned on the websites as non-refundable cannot be returned. Any item bought outside of the US or Canada cannot be returned.

Conclusion of Our DoNotAge Review

DoNotAge is a seeming useful product. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows the user to test it before returning it. The product is also paraben, phalate, and sulfate free. However, on the negative side, the company offers no discounts nor any package deals that would have saved the user money. In addition, the instructions are somewhat scanty. The product lacks the minimum requirements of at least five patented and clinically proven ingredients. This questions the effectiveness of this product. This as there are many other, similar products on the market that offer much better quality ingredients (mostly clinically proven and patented ingredients), firm guarantees that product the consumer, very attractive incentives such as discounts and package deals which not only save the consumer money but reward them for their loyalty, an informative website with all the information the consumer will need about their product and many positive consumer reviews about their product, offering a break down of what their products strengthens and weaknesses are. This skincare product matches badly with those products.

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