Melozide C M and Melozide MAX Review

Melozide C M and Melozide MAX Review
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Melozide C+M and Melozide MAX purport to pack a ‘double whammy’ when it comes to treating the misery of hemorrhoid.  Said to combine the latest and most advanced science with well-respected traditional herbal remedies, Melozide claims quick relief and recovery as its prominent tag line.  Does it deliver?

As a non-steroid, Melozide can be used both externally and internally and therefore may be useful not only for hemorrhoids but other anorectal disorders including eczema, abscesses and fissures.  Sounding encouraging, again, does it deliver?

Despite all the advertising noise to the contrary, Melozie C+M and Melozine MAX utterly fail to publish their active ingredients at all.  That’s a lot of noise without a lot of transparency, n’est pas?


Along with the failure to publish content ingredients, the Melozide formulas publish no directions on safe dosing.  That factor, in and of itself, fails to impress and makes us very wary.


Both Melozide MAX and Melozide C+M are available for $26.90 each,  with free shipping when  two packages or more are purchased.


Melozide comes with a ‘murky’ 30 day guarantee; it’s unclear when and how to activate the refund if desired.  Taken in conjunction with the absent ingredient list, and absent dosage directions, this guarantee is not at all meaningful.

Conclusion of Melozide C M and Melozide MAX Review

Hemorrhoid sufferers are the target of many scams and snake oil schemes.  When you’re suffering, all you want is relief and instantly.  Check out the research and get information about any hemorrhoid remedy you select; it’s not hard to find and will save you buyer’s remorse and quite possibly more pain and suffering than necessary.

The guarantee for Melozide is not clearly defined and it appears that it is not FDA Inspected.

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