Nature’s Design Fat Burning Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Natures Design Green Coffee for Weight Loss
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If you love coffee, and would also like to shed a few pounds, you’re in for a treat. Green coffee beans – or unroasted coffee beans, are all the weight-loss rage! This is thanks to the active chlorogenic acid compounds in green or ‘raw’ coffee, which has been linked to weight loss, body fat reduction and also bad cholesterol reduction. This means in addition to speeding up metabolism, it also protects your heart.

The impact of chlorogenic acid is more definitive in animals than humans right now, thanks to more in-depth studies having been conducted within animal trials than human trials. In animals, chlorogenic acid has also been shown to inhibit carbohydrate absorption. If the same holds true in humans, it means that green coffee’s compounds would aid blood-sugar regulation and stop your body from storing carbs as fat to some extent.

Today we have Green Coffee Bean Extract by Nature’s Design under our review spotlight. The manufacturer says it uses only the purest green coffee bean extract.


The amount of green coffee bean extract is average and adequate, as there are singular products available with 1600 mg extract and a 50% at least ratio of chlorogenic acid. While the amount contained in this formula is enough to help you see results, we do not agree that it is an ‘extra strength’ formula. The formula does seem to be free of fillers and allergens, which does make it pure. Much of the value you get from this product, which is by no means lacking, will be determined by how competitively it is priced.


Take 1 glass of water with a capsule twice a day before meals.

Possible Side Effects

1 Capsule equals the 20 mg caffeine you’ll find in one glass of water, so do not overdose or you will risk insomnia and jitteriness. If you are under 18, have a known condition, are pregnant or are breastfeeding, speak to your doctor before embarking on a green coffee regimen.


A bottle of 60 capsules retails for $19.55 on the product’s website. This represents a two-month supply. It is priced slightly better than equivalent strength green coffee products.


Nature’s Design has formulated its guarantee as a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.
If you’re not completely satisfied, send back your purchase within 60 days for a refund. It is not clear if this refund extends to used and partially used products as well, so check further with the manufacturer. Quite a few guarantees phrased like this end up excluding opened products.

Conclusion Of Our Nature’s Design Fat Burning Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

An attraction to this supplement is that it contains no fillers and an average amount of 20 mg caffeine per serving, so provided you don’t overdose, there are no overtly negative side effects which some other green coffee products have. Based on evidence from research, your metabolism is likely to be boosted, and over 12 weeks, you could probably expect to lose a minimum of 2% body fat. This supplement, as with any other green coffee supplement, will help suppress your appetite and burn existing fat, but you need to make nutritional adjustments and exercise in order to sustain continued weight loss.

Despite the manufacturer’s assertion, we know from our research that this is not an extra-strong or maximum strength supplement. There are other supplements containing double the mg of green coffee extract and attendant active compounds for less than double the price and with the purity maintained, so if you’re big on value propositions you could keep an eye out for similar – but stronger – green coffee extract supplements.

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