CandiClear5 Zortho Review

CandiClear5 Zortho Review
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Zortho Company is the manufacturer of CandiClear5. Reportedly, this product is useful for regulating yeast in five various ways. Included in these methods are providing candida fighting nutrients, offering intestinal repair nutritional support, getting PH levels balanced, destroying and breaking newly growing yeast and removing toxins and debris. Those suffering from an overgrowth of yeast may find relief from using this product by Zortho. We wanted to find out what the ingredients of this product were and also checked to see how the products worked.


  • Diatomaceous Earth- this is the primary agent in this product. This is a natural obtained substance from water plants that have been fossilized known to get rid of parasites including candida in the GI tract. Every twenty gram dose provides ten grams of this ingredient including four and a half grams of Zeolite powders, which absorbs toxins and mercury and balances the PH of the body. When yeast is the culprit, the body is out of balance and needs more good bacteria and stronger immunity for the body.

There is also a list of twelve proprietary ingredients possessing properties that boost the immune system and eliminate candida. These include:

  • Extract of Yeast- boosts the system of immunity to fight against future yeast overgrowth.
  • Xylitol- a sweetening agent that gets rid of candida.
  • Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, this product also contains: Polyil humic acid formula, fulvic acid, Russian Alagan, organic cinnamon, astragalus, parsely concentrate, broccoli concentrate, barley grass and vitamin C.


This item comes in a container of one and a half pounds. There are thirty-four servings in every container. The daily suggested dose is twenty grams each day. One container would last approximately a month. You might see results after more than a month, however and for this reason, may need more than a month to see results. One great alternative with quicker results is YeastClear. The recommended dosage is 1 dose for breakfast and another one for dinner on the first thirty days, and thrice daily for the subsequent thirty days.

Side Effects

There are no documented side effects for this product aside from its notable taste. On the other hand, there may be side effects caused in some consumers due to the various ingredients found in one product.


Each CandiClear 5 Container has a retail price of $99.95. For those that order in bulk or larger numbers, the price is discounted. This is an expensive price considering the 1.5 pound container. Many products with better prices are more effective and are found to have higher quality.


On the website of the manufacturer, there was no refund or return policy.  None of the retailing websites had a money back offer satisfaction guarantee either.

Conclusion of CandiClear5 Zortho Review

This product is good but a better option might be still out there. It does not give any form of guarantee and that is an automatic red flag.

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