Cimi-Fem Menopause Source Naturals Review

Cimi-Fem Menopause Source Naturals Review
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Cimi-Fem, developed by Source Naturals, was designed to target specific complications associated with menopause. Many women who are going through the different phases of menopause suffer from hot flashes and mood swings. Cimi-Fem claims to reduce their effects.  It does claim that it has been clinically proven to help alleviate of these discomforts. Unlike other supplements that come in tablet or capsule form, Cimi-Fem is produce in a lozenge form.


Cimi-Fem contains only two ingredients:

  • Black Cohosh – has been used for centuries as an alternative treatment for symptoms of menopause. The herbal medication comes from the root of the North American black cohosh plant. Studies have found evidence that black cohosh does relieve the symptoms of headache, hot flashes, changes in mood, disturbances with sleep, heart palpitations, sweating in the night and vaginal dryness. For relief of menopausal symptoms 20-40 milligrams of the extract should be taken twice a day. More than 900 milligrams is considered and overdoes and immediate medical assistance should be sought.
  • Triterpene Glycosides – is a chemical compound that is found in Black Cohosh and many other plant species, as well as some marine animals. The compound is mainly used by organisms in the struggle to maintain life and biological balance as well as ensuing plant immunity against fungal diseases. In humans, the compound affects the metabolism and functionality of the organs.


Cimi-Fem suggests that it be taken for at least four weeks at a daily dose of one to tablets.

Side Effects

Black Cohosh does come with some possible side effects. They include headache and upset stomach. These side effects are more likely to present at higher doses of Black Cohosh. It has been reported in rare cases that the liver is affected negatively but there is little evidence to back this up. Black Cohosh should not be taken by women who are pregnant, women who have had breast or uterine cancer, women with endometriosis, children or people with liver disease.


Cimi-Fem comes in the amount of 60 lozenges per bottle. One bottle of Cimi-Fem costs $8.50 and should provide a months’ worth of lozenges.


During our research we have been unable to locate a guarantee for Cimi-Fem. Please check with the supplier before purchasing this product and verify if they carry a guarantee or a returns policy for this product.

Conclusion of Cimi-Fem Menopause Source Naturals Review

Cimi-Fem stays pretty basic using only two ingredients, one of which is derived from the main ingredient, Black Cohosh. Since Black Cohosh has been used for hundreds of years, it does have a long history of treating the symptoms and discomforts of menopause. On the other hand, this product does not seem to come with a guarantee and it is not FDA cleared.

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