Candida Digest Planetary Herbals Review

Candida Digest Planetary Herbals Review
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Planetary Herbals is the company that manufactures Candida Digest. The Hinga Shtak is the compound that determines the effectiveness of this product. This is a mix of pungent, spicy carminative herbs traditionally used as alternate medication for the improvement of the system of digestion.  This item is merchandised as one of the digestive activity broader spectrum solutions. We checked what ingredients it contained and wanted to investigate about exactly how it worked.


  • Rock Salt- this salt is used to deter pests at home and for making homemade ice cream. It is a chunky type of salt.
  • Dandelion Root– Traditionally, this ingredient has been utilized as medicines that support digestive activity for a number of years. Studies also depict that it does help in inhibiting Candida albicans’ growth.
  • Slippery Elm Bark- This powder is slightly astringent and is utilized for different issues including stomach problems, diarrhea and constipation. Claims have been made that this ingredient, when taken with pro-biotics is a good treatment for candida overgrowth. There has been no evidence in science to back up this claim, however.
  • Long Pepper- this ingredient when used in combination with other herbs treats intestinal gas and indigestion.
  • Ginger Root- An anti-fungus ingredient. There are side effects for taking ginger root, however, including bloating, nausea and heartburn.
  • Caraway Seed- Utilized for the treatment of candida infections and fungal infections.
  • Asafetida Gum- Used for the treatment of candida, allergies and digestion problems, this ingredient contains a gum-like resin substance that works against yeast.
  • Bai-Zhu Atractylode Root- This traditional herb from China works for indigestion and cleans the spleen. This herb strengthens the spleen and is said to invigorate Qi.


For this item, the dose recommended is twice each day between each meal. Yeast Clear is a more progressive and better formula which you can take once for breakfast and once for dinner. After the first thirty days, you can then take the YeastClear dosage thrice a day.

Side Effects

Some atractylode chemicals cause allergic reactions in some consumers, nausea and dry mouth. The number of different ingredients blended together also produce bad effects in some people.

For stomach disorders, there is some relief you may be able to get from Candida Digest based on the ingredients.  Its effectiveness may get weaker due to the blend of too many ingredients.


The manufacturer does not do any direct selling with this  product. The price recommendation is $14.75 for a bottle of ninety tablets. For a 180-tablet bottle, the price would be $27.98. Each bottler at a reseller costs between $13.00 and $28.00 for a bottle with 180-tablets. For bottles containing 90-tablets, the price range is between $7 and $15 dollars.  For those taking two doses per day, this will last for between forty five and ninety days depending on the size of the bottle you buy.


There is no money back satisfaction guarantee offered by the manufacturer’s website.

Conclusion of Candida Digest Planetary Herbals Review

This is a fairly effective product, but it does not offer any guarantee.

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