Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum Review

Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum for Eye Lash & Eye Brow
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This is a review of Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum. The manufacturer claims that this product will lengthen, strengthen, and thicken the eyelashes and eyebrows within 6 weeks of use. Although this claim seems promising, we shall examine various product aspects to determine if this product is worth the investment.


Black Sea Rod Oil is a sustainable and organic alternative to synthetic prostaglandins, rejuvenating lashes and brows. This promotes growth while prevents premature hair loss. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates hair to prevent damage and loss as a result of brittle and dry hairs. D-Panthenol supports thicker hair though keratin synthesis stimulation. SymPeptide Xlash is a patented lipo-oligopeptide that is said to promote growth as well as the production of keratin.

Although the inclusion of a patented ingredient is beneficial, alternative brands have as many as 5 patented ingredients to ensure efficacy. As an example; growth-stimulating AnaGain, hair-anchoring Fision Kera Veg 18, and strengthening Widelash are optimized to ensure positive results.

Whatsmore, the manufacturer claims that this product is clinically proven to deliver results; there is no tangible proof of these claims. The manufacturer also claims that this product is safe, however, the formula includes Sodium Hydroxide. This ingredient is a strong irritant and is thought to be ” toxic or harmful” with regards to neurotoxicity, organ system toxicity, and cancer. The formula also includes alcohol. There is also no important cGMP or cruelty-free certification available.


The manufacturer offers clear instructions for use. Users should saturate the cleansed, dry brows and lashes with the serum.  For the lash application, simply apply the serum along the upper lash line working outward from the inner corner. Then, gently blink and squeeze lashes together to evenly spread the serum. The application should be nightly for best results.


Customers can purchase Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum from the manufacturer’s online store. A 0.14 oz tube retails for $110.00, which is substantially higher than the market standard. This expensive price does not seem justified, especially since other products on the market that contain patented and quality ingredients retail at a more affordable price. Whatsmore, there are no discounts of bulk offers to support the sustained use of this product.


The manufacturer claims to offer a money back guarantee, however, provides no additional information to substantiate this claim. There is no policy to mention the duration of the guarantee, if there is a restocking fee, the extent of the refund, or if partially used products apply. This is way below the market standard and may suggest a lack of confidence in the product’s claimed efficacy. Whatsmore, there are no customer reviews to verify claims of efficacy. This is a concern.

Conclusion of Our Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum Review

This product has a formula of potentially beneficial ingredients that may support longer and thicker lashes. The formula also includes a patented ingredient, however, this may not be as effective as brands that offer as many as 5 patented ingredients. Whatsmore, the product includes potentially harmful ingredients and is missing important cGMP and cruelty-free certification. The price is incredibly expensive and does not seem justified. Although the instructions for use are clear, the guarantee policy is not. For these reasons, as well as absent customer reviews, we do not feel that Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum is a wise purchase choice.

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