Manuka Natural Ringworm Review

Manuka Natural Ringworm for Ringworm
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Today we review Manuka Natural Ringworm Natural Products. This set of 3 products offers essential oils that will help kill the ringworm fungus. With a soap, a cream, and an oil, these three medicinal supplements claim to help heal the fungus, while also stopping it from spreading to other areas of your body.


The main ingredient in all three products is Manuka essential oil. The oil has a 25% concentration of the oil to help directly treat the fungus. The cream has a lower concentration which makes it easier to spread and is perfect to help keep the skin around the affected area moisturized and free from any spreading of the infection. It is not stated how much of the oil is included in the soap.


While no true dosing instructions are stated, we can learn from the website what each product is supposed to be used for. As stated above, the oil targets the fungus causing the ringworm to kill it fast and heal your skin and the cream is supposed to help the skin surrounding the infection. While the soap is listed as part of this package, there is no information listed for how to use the soap.

Possible Side Effects

The only available warning for this supplement is that it should not be used on children under the age of 2.


The price listed for the entire package is $59.93. This includes 75 grams of soap, 50 grams of Manuka cream, and 10 mL of the essential oil, as well as a step-by-step instruction card. It is good that this card is included, as there are no instructions available on the supplement’s website. These products are not available for purchase individually, so if you run out of one product before the others, you cannot buy just one refill. Overall, this price is quite expensive for a treatment for ringworm.


This company does accept returns for a refund, but there are stipulations. To start the refund process, you must email the company and provide your information, to which a response could take 2 business days. If your refund request is approved, it is important to note that the company will only offer a refund of one open container of each supplement. Therefore, if you bought two packs, do not open the second one, or it will become ineligible for a refund. Lastly, the company expects the customer to pay return shipping plus they also deduct the price of shipping from your refund, even if you are the one to originally pay shipping.

Conclusion of Our Manuka Natural Ringworm Natural Products Review

There are a few things we liked about this product. Having three products in one package allows you to use what you need to target and kill the ringworm fungus. Also, this supplement is safe to use on kids above the age of 2.

Unfortunately, we did have a lot of problems with this product. There was no usage directions for the three products, except for the instruction card that you only see once you actually purchase your order. Next, as this is a set of products, none of the products are available for individual sale, making it difficult to refill one of the products if it ran out faster than the others. Lastly, the refund policy has multiple stipulations and charges for the cost of shipping. For these reasons, we cannot recommend this supplement to help you get rid of your ringworm.

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