Talya Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Serum Review

Talya Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Serum for Eye Lash & Eye Brow Care
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The product Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Serum by Talya will be examined in this review. This company claims that their product nourishes the eyebrows and eyelashes while volumizing them, making them easy to style. The product contains ingredients that not only nourish the eyebrows and eyelashes, but offer the most appropriate nutrients for moisturizing them. Application of the product is made easy with a two-sided brush. Continue reading this review, to discover the facts about this serum. Discover the facts about the ingredients, the product’s price, the guarantee and how this product should be used.


  • Castor oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Nettle oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Sesame oil

Castor oil is a moisturizer that brings softness and shine to the eyelashes. Jojoba oil prevents eyelashes from premature fall-out, permitting them to grow longer. Nettle oil boosts hair growth, also that of eyebrows and eyelashes. Sweet almond oil helps eyelashes grow longer, while sesame oil thickens eyebrows naturally. Grape seed oil offers vitamin E that can make eyelashes shine. However, there is one concern: the manufacturer does not state the quantities of the ingredients used in this product formula. Effective products contain at least 10% of active ingredients. In this case, the consumer is uninformed.


User instructions are not very clear. No instruction details at all are given. Contact with the eyes should be avoided. The applicator has a double-sided brush. No instructions are given on how many times per day, or time of day this product should be applied.


This serum is available online, directly from the manufacturer’s own website at $14.99, excluding shipping fee. No discounts or package deals are offered.


The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase, unopened, in the original packaging, and with proof of purchase, to be eligible for a refund. The company will not refund the shipping fee.

Conclusion of Our Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Serum Review

The product Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Serum by Talya seems at first glance a likely solution to sparse brows and lashes. The guarantee allows the consumer to receive a refund, although they may not test the product. A double-sided brush makes application straightforward. however, instructions are non-existent. Incentives such as discounts or bundle deals are not provided. These would save the consumer money and reward them for loyalty. The product seems to lack at least 10% of active ingredients in the formula therefore questioning its efficacy. There is no relevant information on the company website. Consumers should have access to information to make informed choices. Choices cannot be made without information provided. More so there are so many other similar products on the products which negative aspects are less than the positive aspects. More so that are packed with patented and clinically proven ingredients that are known to work, that have firm guarantees, very striking package deals that save the consumer money and reward them for their ongoing loyalty and very informative websites – which differ from this particular product.

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