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21st Century Psyllium for Colon Cleanse
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Making a living while juggling the demands of parenthood, being a pet parent, a rent payer or any of the myriad responsibilities in life, often leaves us time scarce with nutritious meal-making often being one of the main health issues being sacrificed. Fast- and prepacked foods are high in msg, preservatives and other fillers and low on fiber. Add to this low consumption of the most needed liquid, water, and a recipe for internal blockage has arisen. It is hardly surprising then that a gamete of ailments related to the colon not moving as frequently as it should is being reported. These include IBS, constipation, diverticulosis, general increased levels of toxicity in the blood, lowered immunity, and affected kidney, liver and spleen function.

The bottom line is that waste that is not removed leads to a putrid internal digestive system that can eventually be like poison to the body. If you have constipation, chronic yeast or UTI infections, fatigue and depleted energy levels, skin breakouts, bloating and gas among other common symptoms, you will likely benefit from a colon cleanse. There are a host of traditional and natural products on the market to assist. Many people find that while normal medical remedies are effective, they are too harsh and in fact use what is tantamount to toxins and poisons in most cases to induce the body to rid itself of waste, when toxins and poisons are what the body needs to get rid of in the first place.

Today we examine Psyllium Clenz by 21st Century Malaysia. It is made of 100% pure Psyllium Seeds and is billed by the manufacturer as excellent colon and intestine cleanser.


  • Psyllium Seeds
  • Vegetable capsule coating and fillers

This product is intended as a gentle cleanse rather than a drastic, laxative-like cleanse. This is borne out by the way this capsule is constituted of psyllium seeds only, a remedy often used as a natural remedy to counter constipation, bloating and intestinal discomfort in general. Psyllium swells absorb the water or fluid in your GI tract, swell and then forms a layer of mucous on the inside of the digestive tract. This mucous layer comes from the outer walls of the seeds, when mixed with water.  This mucous layer lubricate the bowel and also softens any existing hard fecal matter that may have been putrefying. With the bowel now lubricated, it can move more easily. The ease of movement is also helped by the fiber contained in the seed husks.


Take 1 or 2 capsules in the evening so your bowel can move to complete emptying in the morning.  If you don’t like swallowing capsules, you can sprinkle the capsule contents over your food as the contents are tasteless.

Possible Side Effects

Psyllium Clenz can be used on an ongoing basis even if you are pregnant, taking other medication or are administering it to a child. Although not expressly stated by the manufacturer, we do recommend that if administering to children, you start with half the adult dose.


The capsules are only available online from 21st century Malaysia, but the online store on the website will cease to trade soon due to poor online sales. We do not find the product online anywhere else. One bottle costs $8.19.


During the course of our research we did not come across any company guarantee or refund policies.

Conclusion of our Psyllium Clenz Review

Psyllium seeds and husks are often used as a natural remedy to treat constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, diarrhea and as a dietary fiber supplement. We concur with the manufacturer that it is a gentle cleanser, and by that we mean a basic, safe and effective one without any frills. But, there have been reports of continued husk intake to treat constipation to the exclusion of other products, leading to candida overgrowth, chest tightness and, in fact, constipation.

Of these, candida overgrowth is the most believable. The issue is that the bowel is being cleansed so gently without any phytochemicals to rid the gut of bad bacteria or probiotics to aid good bacteria growth. So, in a certain sense, this new, clean and inviting gut can become a breeding ground for the ever-opportunistic candida albicans.

The main issue with this product of course is its lack of local availability, coupled with a non-existent guarantee. If the online store in Malaysia is closing down to self-stated poor sales, according to the manufacturer, one also has to wonder whether the product was effective in the first place.

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