Mother Dirt AO + Mist Review

Mother Dirt AO + Mist Review
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This is a review of Mother Dirt AO + Mist, a patented live probiotic spray that promises to help return the healthy bacteria back to your skin, something that has been eliminated with modernized hygiene care where we use multiple products.  The spray has no fragrance and is hypoallergenic and preservative free.


There are four plant-based ingredients in AO + Mist:

The ingredients are biodegradable and earth-friendly and not tested on animals.


AO + Mist may be used on babies, children, and adults alike.  It is recommended to use it twice a day on the areas that are most prone to sweating such as the underarms, face and scalp, hands and feet, and groin area and the application should be made at the very last step in your individual personal hygiene process.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer lists no side effects for this product and states that individuals with extremely sensitive skin will not be adversely affected.


This product is not cheap, but the manufacturer offers first-time customers a 20% discount on their first order.  A 3.4 fluid ounce bottle of AO + Mist is sold for $49.00 and the manufacturer offers a 15% discount for ordering 3 bottles of AO + Mist for $124.95. In reviewing third-party sites, there are multi-pack discounts available as follows:  a two-pack for $94.90 and a three-pack for $133.95.

It is possible for international customers to order AO + Mist but for those living outside of the US and Canada, they will need to pay an additional $50 flat fee which adds significantly to the total cost.  The manufacturer explains that because the product is both time and temperature sensitive, that the most care is needed in sending out the product.


There is a very attractive 100% satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer, and unsatisfied customers are offered a full refund and/or replacement products depending on the circumstances and the customer’s request.

Conclusion of Our Mother Dirt AO + Mist Skin Probiotic Spray Review

With research pointing to the fact that humans need good bacteria to be healthy, AO + Mist helps return the good bacteria to the skin.  This all-natural product with no preservatives whatsoever is applied to your skin multiple times a day which aims to restore your skin’s natural balance and nurture the skin biome.

One of the major drawbacks for this product is the shelf life and delivery process.  Specifically, AO + Mist must be refrigerated for up to six months and if left at room temperature it must be used up within 4 weeks.

There are many products on the market which are designed to address personal hygiene challenges such as eliminating unpleasant body odors and undesirable smells. Customers who reviewed this product shared that they thought that AO + Mist was nothing more than expensive bottled water.  Other complaints about the price point for the product and that liberal usage of the spray meant that the contents of the bottle were gone before any results were seen.

To expel toxins and wastes from our body, research points to using complex chlorophyllin which this product does not contain. Competitive products on the market with chlorophyllin appear to combat malodors successfully and quickly at a lower cost point to the consumer.

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