Physician Naturals Trans Super CoQ10 Review

Physician Naturals Coenzyme Super CoQ10 for Health & Well-Being
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Today we review Physician Naturals Trans Super CoQ10. Combine with Vitamin E, this advanced grade CoQ10 should help your heart stay healthy while boosting your immunity. With stabilized Ubiquinol, this supplement can even help metabolic function.


With only 100 mg of CoQ10 per serving, this does not match up with the recommendations from clinical studies that show 250 mg of CoQ10 daily is the optimal amount of this nutrient. Additionally, this supplement is missing BioPerine, which is essential to helping these nutrients absorb correctly into your body.


The suggested dosing for this supplement is to take 1-2 softgels three times per day. By taking even the minimum dosing of 1 capsule, you still will get more than the recommended 250 mg of CoQ10 per day, which could potentially be dangerous.

Possible Side Effects

While this supplement does not have any side effects of warnings listed, there was one major problem that stuck out. The manufacturer of this product was advertising a different CoQ10 product claiming it is better than this one. It is strange that this supplement’s manufacturer would advertise against the sale of this product when their goal is typically to sell all of their products. This shows us that even the company does not like this supplement which should carry a heavy weight in your mind as a customer.


The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a bottle of 50 softgels is $25.15, but is currently on sale for only $19.95. The problem with such a small capsule count, is these bottles will barely last for half a month if taken at the lowest dose. Taken at the higher dose of 2 softgels, three times a day, this bottle will barely last a week. For 8 days worth of supplement, this price is extremely high. The manufacturer does offer bulk discounts, but they still do not help that much. Buying 3 bottles together only brings the price to $19 per bottle, while a purchase of 10 or more bottles costs $18.10 each. Even if you decided to buy 10 bottles, that still keeps the monthly cost for this supplement at approximately $40-70, depending on your chosen dose.


After thorough research, we found no guarantee or return policy listed on this supplement’s website. Combine with their advertising for better products, this shows this company really does not stand behind this product. Without the company’s support, it seems this supplement is not effective as stated online.

Conclusion of Our Physician Naturals Trans Super CoQ10 Review

There are a few things we liked about Physician Naturals Trans Super CoQ10. These capsules are free of most food allergens, like dairy, gluten, and eggs. Additionally, as these are softgels instead of traditional capsules, they will absorb quicker into your body.

Unfortunately, we found many red flags while researching this product. First of all, the amount of CoQ10 used in each softgel is lower than the clinically recommended amount, and by taking the suggested dose, you will go way over the recommended amount of this nutrient. Next, the manufacturer of this supplement was advertising for a different supplement, claiming it is better than this one. Also, the price per month for these softgels is extremely high. Lastly, with no guarantee or return policy, it shows the manufacturer has little faith in this product. For these reasons, we cannot recommend you take this supplement to help your heart health.

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