Piping Rock Absorbable CoQ10 Review

Piping Rock Absorbable CoQ10 Review
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In our review today, we will be examining a product called Absorbable CoQ10 to see if the product is capable of doing what the manufacturer has stated it can do.  The product is supposed to supply a highly-absorbable form of co-enzyme. It replenishes the co-enzyme that statin drugs deplete in the body. The manufacturer has added black pepper to the formula for absorption. The product is a dietary supplement that comes in a quick release soft gels form.


Co-enzyme Q10 is the main ingredient found in the product. The ingredient is a natural substance that fights oxidative stress and prevents tissue damage. Co-enzymes support good health by slowing the effects of aging, protecting cognitive health, improving heart health and improving metabolic functions. The ingredient is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body. The other ingredients found in the product are Black Pepper Extract, as well as inactive ingredients such as Rice Bran Oil, Glycerin and Titanium Dioxide.


Prior to consuming the product, you should speak to your doctor to determine if you are fit to consume it. The manufacturer has advised that you consume 1 soft gel one to two times daily with meals.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer has warned that women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as individuals who have a medical condition, should visit the doctor before using the product. You should discontinue use of the product if adverse reactions occur.


The product consists of 180 soft gels. The cost is $35.99 on the official website, although, the manufacturer has listed the product as unavailable. Shipping costs have not been included in the purchase price, and the manufacturer has not offered any type of discount on the product.


The manufacturer has made a guarantee available for the product. If you are not satisfied, return the unused portion to the manufacturer for a refund. You will incur shipping costs to get the product to the manufacturer.

Conclusion of Our Absorbable CoQ10 Review

During our scrutiny of the product, we were able to discern several factors about the product. Piping Rock has formulated a product called Absorbable CoQ10 to supply a highly-absorbable form of co-enzyme. It replenishes the co-enzyme that statin drugs deplete in the body. We found several factors that are of a concern. The product is listed as unavailable on the official website. Either the production team is not producing sufficient quantities or the demand for the product does not exist. The manufacturer has also not offered any type of discount on the product, and customers will incur shipping costs. While the manufacturer has offered a guarantee for the product, consumers will once again have to pay for the shipping costs if they wish to receive a refund. When we searched for customer testimonials on Amazon, we were disappointed to find that the product only had a few. Our suspicions of the product not being in demand were confirmed when we saw the limited customer testimonials. Consumers will be gambling by buying this product.

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