Tailored Extracts Garcinia Cambogia Review

Tailored Extracts Garcinia Cambogia supplement Review
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Tailored Extracts Garcinia Cambogia makes use of pure Garcinia Cambogia in their weight loss supplement provide you with a great weight reduction. Like many other health and weight loss products on the market available today, this one is based on the effectiveness to curb your appetite and help  promote fat burning effects that is obtained from the amazing tropical fruit.

Dr. Oz’s presented the Garcinia Cambogia on his show as being the best helper to aid you when trying to lose weight and provides a quick resolution to burning fat without dieting and exercising.

When looking closer at the Tailored Extract, Garcinia Cambogia package you note the miracle fruit on the front of the bottle with inscription advising you that it is made 100% pure and natural.

It has been proven by various laboratories that if the ingredients used are not pure, you may not enjoy all its great benefits it has to provide. Taking a closer look at Tailored Extracts Garcinia Cambogia we will be able to learn and see if this product is up to standard when it comes to this great weight loss supplement.


Tailored Extracts Garcinia Cambogia is made with 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia and uses the following blend:

  • 65% HCA Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract,

Proprietary Formula 650 mg made up of the following:

  • Calcium,
  • Carbonate,
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Chromium

When taking a closer look  you can see that, no actual figures about how much of each ingredient is included in each capsule. You will notice that the formula also contains the not so popular calcium, which is known damper HCA fat burning, even when provide by a powerful ingredient like Garcinia Cambogia.


The supplier recommends that you take three pills daily with a full glass of water.

Side Effects

Most customers that have purchased the weight loss product are very happy with using it, with no side effects noted.


Each bottle holds 90 capsules and can be bought from the supplier at an affordable price of $17.95, which means that you will only receive one month’s supply.


The supplier mentions a money back guarantee on their web source, but it is not very clear when it comes to the details offered. However, the firm offers 24/7 customer service, so it is fairly easy to contact them in case you do have issues with your order or product. The fact that the firm produces this product in the US is another great plus.

Conclusion – Tailored Extracts Garcinia Cambogia Review

When it comes to taking supplements, it is best to know what the supplement contains, so that you know if this specific product is suited for your health and body. Although Tailored Extract, Garcinia Cambogia may sound like a great product that contains 65% HCA, the formula is kept secret in regards of the amounts used and that is not great. In addition, it contains calcium, a mineral known to not help with fat burning in the body.

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