Canespro Nail Treatment Set Review

Canespro Nail Treatment Set Review
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Canespro® Nail Treatment Set is a new way to treat nail fungus. It comes in a set of four products intended to fight against fungus, get nails healthy and strong, and stop fungus in the future.

Canespro® is available in box form that contains ointment, plasters, scraper and Bifonazole cream. The box is an image of a nail on it with a written inscription of the brand.


The active ingredients in Canespro® Nail Treatment Set are chemical composites that have been clinically tested and succumb to fantastic results. They are the industry’s leading chemicals used and suggested to treat nail fungus.

  • Urea is a chemical that performs as a nail softener and penetrates the nail to remove yellowed debris
  • Bifonazole cream is a further fungus-fighting topical ointment that works to stop the spread of fungus and create strong, healthy nails that will not advance a surrounding for fungus in the future.


The treatment should be used 2-3 weeks. You start by using the Urea ointment to the infected area, this helps to soften parts of the nail. Secondly, you need to take the plaster and cover the Urea ointment to the infected area. Remove the plaster after 24 hours and soak your feet in the bath or shower and use the scraper to remove the softened parts.

After completing the process for 3 weeks you can discontinue the process and apply the Bifonazole cream on the area once a day for another 1-2 weeks.

Side effects

As these are manufacturing favorites, side effects of these treatments are minimum and uncommon. Though, some users reported discoloration, irritation, and redness as a consequence of use.


Canespro® Nail Treatment Set can be bought from various vendors; on the other hand it is mostly an international product and comes from Australia. It can be bought on Amazon for 49.99 euro, and in many pharmacies abroad.

This high price tag is to some extent compensated by the fast recovery time, though the fact remains that it is only obtainable internationally is an obvious problem for most people.


As the product is sold in some pharmacies and at Amazon the manufacturer does not provide a guarantee for the product, but with buying it from some retailers online you may find that they offer you with some type of money back guarantee.

Conclusion of Canespro Nail Treatment Set Review

Canespro® Nail Treatment Set has proven to be highly successful. Though, Canespro® Nail Treatment Set is suggested only for mild infections affecting three nails or less.

Besides, it is expensive and only obtainable in international markets.

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