GNC CoQ-10 Review

GNC CoQ-10 Review
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Our review today is of a product called CoQ-10. The purpose of the product is to support your heart health and it helps to replenish CoQ-10 that has been reduced by statin drugs. The product does not contain sugar, starch or artificial flavors.


The main ingredient in the product is Co-enzyme Q-10. The ingredient is a compound that generates energy in your cells. Co-enzyme Q-10 acts as an antioxidant as it prevents the weakening of the muscles due to oxidative damage. The ingredient is an enzyme that is found in the body. The other ingredients that are found in the product are Gelatin, Soybean Oil, Glycerin, Chlorophyll and Titanium Dioxide.


You should speak to your doctor before you consume the product. The doctor should advise you if you are able to take this product and if so, what is the correct dose. The manufacturer’s instruction is for you to take one to four soft gels after a meal. The manufacturer has forgotten to mention the time of the day the dosage should be consumed.

Possible Side Effects

On the label, the manufacturer has advised women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as individuals with medical conditions, to visit the doctor prior to using the product.


You may buy the product, which consists of 60 capsules, from the official website for $18.99. Shipping costs will be an additional expense. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not offered a discount on the product.


The manufacturer has provided a 30-day money-back guarantee for the product. You will be able to return the product, if you are unsatisfied, for a refund, which will exclude the shipping costs to get the product back to the manufacturer.

Conclusion of Our CoQ-10 Review

Our examination of the product has led us to certain conclusions. GNC has produced CoQ-10 for the purpose to support your heart health and to help you replenish CoQ-10 that has been reduced by statin drugs. Our first concern is that the manufacturer has not indicated the time of the day for the consumption of the product or the time between the doses. We were disappointed to see that the manufacturer charges customers additionally for the shipping costs and does not provide a discount on the product. Although the manufacturer has offered a money-back guarantee, customers who are unsatisfied with the product will have to pay for the shipping costs to get the product to the manufacturer in order to claim their refund. We also had a look at the testimonials for the product to ascertain the customer experience. This, too, was a concern. Several customers reported that when they got the product, the capsules were stuck to each other, and they were unable to use them. Some customers also mentioned that some of the capsules had melted. Taking all the information gathered, we have to conclude that this product will be a risky purchase as customers have complained about the quality of the product.

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