JuicyLipz New Lip Plumping Oil Review

JuicyLipz New Lip Plumping Oil for Lip Plumper
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Read a full review of a product called New Lip Plumping Oil from JucyLipz, that is designed to provide you with fuller, younger, rejuvenated and moisturized lips. The manufacturer claims that this plumping oil has been clinically tested to naturally increase, condition and repair your lips.


Argan oil, cayenne pepper and cinnamon naturally increase circulation to your lips, making them plumper, fuller and hydrated. Argan Oil also moisturizes , soften and soothe them. Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil bring moisturizing effects as they react with the Argan Oil to make your lips youthful and younger.


The producer of this oil has not shared the instructions on how to use it. However, they suggest that you use it daily to achieve maximum results. There is also a video that one can watch, which shows how to get fuller lips with this oil. However, you need to register on the website first in order to view the video. This is inconveniencing and it is a waste of time, because this information should be made available on the website, without having to register or logging in.


You receive 75% off on your purchase when purchasing through the manufacturer’s website. However, when we followed the link to the discount we discovered that you have to buy three bottles at a time, for $11.00 per bottle, which means that you end up paying $33.00 for three bottles. This price is not too bad, considering that there are three bottles.

One bottle costs $18.00. When we did our maths, we realised that you would pay $54.00 for three bottles with the usual price. Therefore, paying $33.00 instead of $54.00  for three bottles is definitely not 75% off as the manufacturer claims it is. This is false advertising, and it is not good.

The good thing is that the more bottles you purchase, the less price you pay for bottles. You also qualify for a free gift of Gold Lip Mask with each purchase.


There is no information about money-back guarantee. If the guarantee existed, there would be information about it. It is quite disappointing that there is not one, because it means that you are not protected as a consumer.

Conclusion of Our JuicyLipz New Lip Plumping Oil Review

JuicyLipz New Lip Plumping Oil could be beneficial in increasing your lips, hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing them. All the ingredients are purely natural. It has been clinically tested to naturally provide your lips with a full look. The manufacturer offers discounts when you buy more than one bottle through their website.

However, they are not honest with the discount percentage. It is actually less than 75% off. Fake advertising is not good because it destroys the trust of the consumers on the product. There are few other things that we dislike about this plumping oil. There are no instructions on how to use it; it is not backed by a guarantee; and it has no consumer reviews. Due to these reasons, we do not think it is a good idea to buy this product.

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