Nupercainal Bio-Active Review

Nupercainal Bio-Active Review
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Nupercainal Bio-Active is advised for the temporary relief of the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids and other anorectal discomforts.  Manufacturer representations specify both the creak  and anal suppositories  as remedies for  the pain and discomfort caused by anal irritation.

Nupercainal Bio-Active contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to reduce anal discomfort and is a well-regarded homeopathic remedy.


Nupercainal Bio-Active contains these ingredients:

  • Hamamelis virginiana
  • Proprietary herbal blend
  • Echinacea purpurea
  • Centella asiatica
  • Sambucus nigra

Interestingly enough,  per WebMD, none of the listed ingredients are supported by scientific proof for the effective treatment and relief of hemorrhoids or any anorectal disorders.  While WebMD isn’t the only authority, research yielded little other, reliable substantiation for the use of these ingredients for hemorrhoid treatment.


After cleansing the area and rinsing, the cream can be applied as often as  six times a day. There is no dosage information about suggested frequency of use for the suppository delivery.


Nupercainal Bio-Active costs $10.60, plus $5.99 for shipping. This is considerably lower than competitive medications.   The price point is such that the educated marketer wonders about profitability, continued production and stability in the market place.

Nupercainal Bio-Active Guarantee

Nupercainal Bio-Active cream or suppository does not offer a refund or guarantee policy at all.

Conclusion of Nupercainal Bio-Active Review

Nupercainal Bio-Active does not contain  proven, beneficial ingredients. It’s significantly below market price point is questionable at best when seeking a reputable remedy for the irritating problem of hemorrhoids.

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