Healthy Hygiene Body Mint Review

Healthy Hygiene Body Mint Review
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Body Odor and bad breath are embarrassing conditions that have to be tackled at the internal source, not masked with temporary solutions like deodorant or chewing gum. This review is going to examine Healthy Hygiene Body Mint who claim to alleviate body odor, bad breath and foot odor by flushing out odor causing toxins from the system. Healthy Hygiene Body Mint claims to be made from healthy, green ingredients and made from a specialized derivative of chlorophyll. It claims to contain no harsh chemicals, making it an aluminum free, internal deodorant as well as an alternative to harmful deodorants. Body Mint works to target multiple sources of odor simultaneously for night and day protection. Body Mint claims to fulfill their promise of odor elimination through their proprietary formula made from a special derivative of chlorophyll.


Inactive Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, and plant-based stearic acid.

Chlorophyllin is associated with the cleansing of odor causing bacteria and toxins in the system.


Healthy Hygiene recommends taking one tablet twice daily.

Possible Side Effects

Healthy Hygiene does not cite any side effects for Body Mint on their website. We found common mild side effects associated with taking Chlorophyll such as diarrhea, digestive problems, and discolored stool.

Those under medical supervision, pregnant or nursing are advised to seek medical consultation before consuming this product.


Healthy Hygiene lists a one month’s supply of Body Mint for $16.95. If you choose the automatic monthly purchase option, the price is reduced to $15.95 per bottle.


Healthy Hygiene offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Conclusion of Our Healthy Hygiene Body Mint Review

Healthy Hygiene Body Mint appears to be a viable option in the sea of odor eliminators available on the market today as their product contains 100 milligrams of Chlorophyllin per serving. This is associated with having properties that assist in tackling body odor by flushing odor causing toxins from the system. Healthy Hygiene Body Mint can potentially be taken for a lifetime to relieve bad breath and body odor so it was pleasing to see that they offer reduced prices for continuous purchasing, however, it is important to take caution with auto-shipping. Their website offers a good amount of information about their product. They boast an extensive list of satisfied customer reviews on their website, however, in our research, we found a multitude of complaints from dissatisfied consumers who claim that their product did not even slightly improve their body odor. There were claims that this product had adverse effects and made the customer smell worse. Others claimed that they had to immediately stop using this product when it caused them severe abdominal pain. Perhaps the adverse effects are because Healthy Hygiene Body Mint has one of the lowest dosages of the key active ingredient, Chlorophyllin, we have seen from the options currently available on the market for internal body odor relief. With a multitude of options for internal odor eliminators available that have consistently positive reviews and testimonials, and that offer more benefits at reasonable prices with better guarantees, we are steered away from choosing Healthy Hygiene Body Mint.

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