Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental Review

HyperBiotics PRO- Dental for Bad Breath & Body Odor
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Today we review Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental. These chewable tablets come with a natural mint flavor to help your breath smell fresher. With probiotics, this supplement targets the causes of bad breath, instead of just covering it up.


  • Targeted Probiotic Strain
  • Chelated Zinc

The probiotic strain is made up of S. salivarius K12, S. salivarius M18, L. reuteri, and L. paracasei. With 3 billion CFU of the combined strains, these probiotics will reside on your tongue to provide a fresher, cleaner breath. Zinc also adds protection for your teeth and absorption of calcium.


As your typical dental care will wipe out both bad bacteria, as well as the good, you should take this tablet after you brush your teeth or use mouthwash. After taking care of your dental hygiene, chew one tablet per day and continue everyday. The probiotics will take around one week to colonize in your mouth before you start to see results. If you just finished a course of antibiotics, you can increase your daily dose to 2 or 3 tablets to counteract the bacteria killing nature of the medicine.

Possible Side Effects

This supplement cannot survive in extreme heat. It needs to be stored in less than 78℉ or the bacteria will die off faster. The best storage is to keep the bottle in the fridge or freezer. Additionally, while there are no side effects listed on the product’s website, customer reviews point out many side effects. Some suffered from dry and sore throat, others of sinus issues, and more with swelling in their glands and dry, bleeding gums. With so many unlisted side effects, it concerns us as to what else this manufacturer may be hiding.


This supplement is available in 45 count and 90 count bottles. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the smaller container is $28, but it is currently on sale for $23. The larger bottle normally costs $55, but is marked down to $43. For both sizes, there is a 7% discount available if you subscribe to their Healthy Habit auto-shipment program. It is important to be weary of these programs because they store your credit card information and can be extremely difficult to cancel. Also, even with the discount, if you feel the need to take a higher dose of this supplement, then that makes the price relatively high when compared to its competitors.


The company lists a 100% money back guarantee to protect you if you are unsatisfied with the product. However, it is listed that the company will either replace your bottle with another formula or fully refund your purchase. This means there is a 50% chance you will not get your money back at all, and instead be given another supplement that you may not want. It should be better stated what exactly is needed to qualify you for a refund of your money instead of just a simple exchange.

Conclusion of Our Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental Review

There are a few things we liked about Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental. They have over 3 billion CFU of the probiotic strains that they chose. Also, the dose is an easy to take, once daily, chewable tablet.

Unfortunately, we did find many concerns regarding this product. The tablets must be stored in a specific temperature, or they will lose their effectiveness. Secondly, there were many consumer reported side effects that we did not find listed on the supplement’s website. Next, if you decide to take a stronger daily dose, this supplement becomes quite expensive. Lastly, the guarantee is not clear enough on how to request a refund of your money versus just being granted an exchange to a new product. For these reasons, we cannot recommend this supplement to help you freshen your breath.

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