ULTA Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coat Review

ULTA Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coat for Plumper Lips
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ULTA Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coat claims to be an instant lip plumper that volumizes the lips, retains moisture, and makes lips appear fuller. The manufacturer claims that this is the perfect product on the market, however, we will examine various product aspects and customer service qualities to investigate that claim.


There is only 1 ingredient that the manufacturer highlights as the key active ingredient in this product; Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is popular for its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, therefore, boosting the skin’s firmness while decreasing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. This acid also maintains the structural integrity of the skin to support fuller-looking lips. However, this product’s formula contains as many as 44 ingredients, which is bound to decrease the potency of the Hyaluronic Acid and its effect in the formula. To further support this concern, there is no concentration of this active ingredient available.

Furthermore, the product formula is lacking any patented ingredients. These clinically-proven ingredients offer additional support to product formulas to ensure efficacy. As an example, Volulip hydrates and firms lips while improving volume and Argaline NP is proven to reduce wrinkles within 15 days of use. In saying so, this product is likely less effective than alternative brand son the market that offer these ingredients. The product also lacks important cruelty-free and cGMP certification.


The manufacturer offers limited instructions for use. users may apply the product alone or over lip color. The product comes in 5 colors and the additional pigment is likely to impact the strength of the key active ingredient. The lacking information means that the amount of product to use per application, as well as the frequency of use, is unknown.


This product is available for purchase online from the manufacturer’s website. A 0.13 oz tube retails for $10, which appears to be relatively affordable. However, the product’s potency and lack of patented ingredients (therefore, the efficacy) is in question. In saying so, alternative brands may offer better value for money.


The manufacturer offers a 60-day period for ULTA Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coat to be eligible for a refund. Although the duration of the policy is appealing, the terms of the policy are vague. As an example, customers do not know whether or not partially used products apply for a refund. Furthermore, many negative customer reviews online complain that the product is ineffective and induces negative side effects. This is a concern.

Conclusion of Our ULTA Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coat Review

ULTA Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coat contains a beneficial active ingredient that has been known to support fuller lips. However, a long list of ingredients and a lack of ingredient concentration makes us question the potency of this formula. Furthermore, the absence of patented ingredients, as well as important certification, leave the quality and ethics of the product in question. The quality of the product may be lower for additional colors options. Although the price is relatively affordable, the product’s quality is below the market standard and, therefore, does not seem worth it. While there is a refund policy, it is vague. For these reasons, as well as negative customer reviews, we do not recommend this product as a wise purchase choice.

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